The Seahawks Have A 2012 Schedule

Without further ado:

Sun, Sept 9th – @ Arizona Cardinals, 1:15pm
Sun, Sept 16th – vs. Dallas Cowboys, 1:05pm
Mon, Sept 24th – vs. Green Bay Packers, 5:30pm
Sun, Sept 30th – @ St. Louis Rams, 10am
Sun, Oct 7th – @ Carolina Panthers, 1:05pm
Sun, Oct 14th – vs. New England Patriots, 1:05pm
Thurs, Oct 18th – @ San Francisco 49ers, 5:20pm
Sun, Oct 28th – @ Detroit Lions, 10am
Sun, Nov 4th – vs. Minnesota Vikings, 1:05pm
Sun, Nov 11th – vs. New York Jets, 1:05pm

Sun, Nov 25th – @ Miami Dolphins, 10am
Sun, Dec 2nd – @ Chicago Bears, 10am
Sun, Dec 9th – vs. Arizona Cardinals, 1:15pm
Sun, Dec 16th – @ Toronto Bills, 1:05pm
Sun, Dec 23rd – vs. San Francisco 49ers, 1:15pm
Sun, Dec 30th – vs. St. Louis Rams, 1:15pm

Right off the bat, you gotta be excited about the Monday Night Game and the Thursday Night Game.  I’m more-or-less against the notion of Thursday Night Games in general (especially when they come on the heels of a hard-fought game against the New England Patriots).  I’m even MORE against the notion of Thursday Night Games against your main divisional rival (in this case, the 49ers, in San Francisco) because why should such an important matchup be on a gimmick night like Thursday where your team essentially only has a day to prepare?  You figure:  last game played on Sunday, so Monday is a day off.  Tuesday is a practice day, then Wednesday is more-or-less a walk-thru because you don’t want to kill your players the day before a regular season game.

On the flipside, the 49ers are playing under the same rules as us, so it’s not like we can complain all that much.  They did draw the home game, but they don’t have any easier of a lead-up with the New York Giants four days prior.

What do I like about this schedule?  Primarily, I like having the BYE week in Week 11.  You’re at so much more of a disadvantage when you have the early BYE.  This way, you power through the first ten weeks, you get a respite, then you have the final 6-week charge towards the post-season.

I’m also a BIG fan of having 3 of the last 4 games at home (AND all against divisional opponents)!

On the downside, three of our road games are on the East Coast, and another three are in the Midwest.  That having been said, the NFL actually did us a favor a little bit.  Only four 10am games.  They could’ve killed us!  In fact, a few years ago, they probably WOULD have killed us.  But, the Carolina game and the Toronto game are both 1pm Seattle starts, which is AWESOME, because seriously, what’s stopping the NFL from having a few late starts on the East Coast?  I guess all that pissing and moaning by the West Coast press and fans has finally gotten through to those dicks in the head office.

As we get closer to the season, I’ll have a game-by-game breakdown of what I think will happen.  But, right now, on the surface, I don’t have a huge problem with this.  I would probably rather play Dallas in December than September (and I would probably rather play the Bills in September than December), but other than that I don’t really have a problem.  The tougher games (Cowboys, Patriots, Packers, Jets) are all at home.  I guess Detroit will be a tough road contest, and I’m sure the Bears will be a tough matchup in Soldier Field as they always are.  But, whatever.  Those are the teams you have to beat to make it in the Playoffs!

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