Seattle Sports Hell Goes To Coachella

Think of it like those Ernest movies except with more booze and illegal drugs bible study and playing strip bingo checkers with the elderly.

Since I’m going to be gone starting today thru Monday, consider everything Seattle sports-related officially On Pause.  Get up away from the computer, make yourself a sandwich, do the newspaper crossword, go see a movie or something.  Forget the soul-crushing Seattle sports scene for a few days and come back rejuvenated and ready to absorb all the disappointment these Seattle teams have to offer!

But, just in case you can’t bring yourself to break away from the clutches of your Precious, here are some non-Seattle-sports-related things to occupy your mind.

Are you a fan of the cult TV show Freaks & Geeks?  This AV Club 5-part feature is pretty much as good as it gets.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then take this weekend and rent yourself the entire 18-episode series.

Are you a fan of the daily funnies?  This blog right here is always good for a laugh (although, be forewarned, you might find yourself – over time – not only reading Mark Trail and Mary Worth every morning, but ENJOYING yourself while you do so!)

And since I’m going to a music festival, might as well link to some Youtube songs to pass the time.

Explosions In The Sky will be at Coachella (you might also remember them from the Friday Night Lights movie soundtrack)

Pretty stoked about seeing Radiohead live for the first time.

And, of course, the reason just about everyone is going this year:  Dre & Snoop (Compton & Long Beach together, now you know you in trouble).

Just for fun, a couple more songs by people NOT at Coachella.

Enjoy your shitty weather, shitheads!  I’ll be burning like toast in the desert!

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