That Sucks About Michael Pineda, I Guess

I probably could’ve made a post about this a little more timely, but I think that 950 KJR really fucked up royally when when they shitcanned Steve Sandmeyer just before Christmas last year.  The Mitch In The Morning Show is my favorite thing on radio – and it’s not like something like this will prevent me from listening (considering the alternatives and how much they royally suck) – but it was truly magnificent when it was just Mitch and Sandy.  Mitch and Dick Fain?  Well, it’s truly something …

Anyway, I follow Sandmeyer on Facebook, and it’s always nice to hear him subbing in on 710 ESPN.  This is all just a roundabout way of quoting something Sandy said on his page today:

Memo to Mariner fans: Stop crying for Michael Pineda. Nobody cried for us when Erik Bedard had three surgeries after he was traded here.

You know why I like Sandy?  Because he’s a no-bullshit kind of guy.  There’s a lot of bullshit out there in the sports world (especially the Seattle sports world), a lot of sugar-coating and excuse-making.  You won’t get that from Sandy, unless it’s truly warranted.

That having been said, there’s a difference between “crying for Pineda” and crying for Yankees fans or the Yankees organization.  It’s possible to care about a player while at the same time hating the team he plays for.  Michael Pineda was a beacon of hope for many years when he was in the minors for the Mariners, and he was an amazing pitcher for most of his rookie season last year.  I don’t think any of us will forget that too easily.

That having been said, saying it sucks that Michael Pineda is lost for the year is really kind of a dumb thing to say.  Yeah, it sucks FOR HIM, but for us?  We dodged a bullet!  We dodged a HUGE bullet!

And the whole thing about “rooting for Pineda while rooting against the Yankees” doesn’t make any sense.  If you root for Pineda, that means you’re rooting for the Yankees because he PLAYS for the fucking Yankees!  You know what I root for?  I root for Pineda to struggle with injury, get waived by the Yankees, then re-sign with the Mariners where he successfully puts it all together during a championship season.  Anything short of that, and fuck it.

When a player leaves the Mariners, he ceases to be a player I give two shits about (until he returns to the Mariners).  I want the Mariners to do well, which means I want their free agent signings to be successful.  It also means I want to win every trade.  Not just win, but destroy!  I want the players we get in return to be All Stars, and I want the former Mariners to struggle mightily.  I want other teams to rue the day they ever dealt with us, just as we have repeatedly rued the day with any number of our shitty deals.

Too bad for Pineda, but what trumps any sympathy I have for him is the glee I feel in rubbing this in New York’s face.  Not that it matters.  They can just pony up another $20 million on a replacement.

Here’s to more torn labrums for all the other ex-Mariners out there!  May your careers fall off the map and your new teammates get Cancer and die!

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