Seattle Seahawks Draft Bruce Irvin

So, the Seahawks got themselves a pass-rushing specialist.  14 sacks in 2010, 8.5 sacks in 2011.  6’3, 245 pounds of raw, quarterback killing prowess!

Based on video, I’ve got two impressions:  he’s fast as shit and he’s skinny as shit.

Quarterbacks and running backs are NOT going to be able to get away from him in the open field.  That having been said, is he so skinny that he’ll be eaten alive by talented tackles?  Because make no mistake, if he’s unable to shed blocks, or whip around the line to get after the quarterback, then he’s going to be one of the bigger busts we’ve seen ’round these parts in quite some time.

Still, you have to like the height and you have to like the speed.  I think, in spite of what so-called experts say, you can add muscle & bulk to his frame and still retain that speed that’ll make him into a quarterback killer we need so desperately.

As far as character concerns, who gives a shit?  If he can play, then who cares if he dealt drugs and dropped out of high school?  If he’s the missing piece to this up-and-coming defense, then really, who cares?  Randy Moss had “character concerns” coming into his draft; I think the Vikings did okay with that pick when he fell in their laps.

Bottom line:  you either believe in Pete & John or you don’t believe in Pete & John.  I’m a believer, plain & simple.

Couple other things.  OF COURSE the Seahawks will get killed in the media for this pick.  But, you know what?  Draftniks don’t run football teams for a fucking reason.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  Mel Kiper can eat my ass cheese.  Players who supposedly slot in certain parts of certain rounds are fine, but they don’t always fit the pre-supposed mold.  Irvin could very well be a pass-rushing star.

Also, it’s pretty obvious the Seahawks COULDN’T trade down and get some good value for the trade, so stop it.  Just stop.

Finally:  don’t freak out.  Give it three years.  Maybe we’ll be pleasantly surprised in year one.  Maybe he’s a guy who will need some time to bloom.  Give it some time before you fail the Seahawks in this draft.  You’ll be perceived smarter for it.

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