And, We’re Back …

My apologies unending, murderous rage for the technical difficulties since this past Saturday. Rest assured, a long-term solution is in the works so this never happens again.

So much I’ve missed in the last three days. So, expect posts on the following, in some particular order:

That might not necessarily sound like a lot, but there will be words. OH YES. There will be words.

I’ll close with last Friday. I was going to write about last Friday, specifically the Mariners game where Michael Saunders hit that grand slam to win it in extra innings. I didn’t get to see much of that game, because I was at an NFL Draft party (which morphed into a Trivial Pursuit party once the Draft got sufficiently boring), but we did flip over for the final couple innings.

Really, all I’ve got to say is: was that exciting or what?

This could be the start of a beautiful friendship, Michael Saunders. Keep it up. And try to bunt better the next time we have a runner on third base in a tied game.

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