Chris Polk Fell To The 8th Round In The NFL Draft

Of course, there is no 8th round in the NFL Draft … you get the idea.

What can I say?  It’s a damn shame.  I don’t think we’ll ever know EXACTLY what the reason was for his not getting drafted.  Yeah, it was “injury concerns”, but what specifically?  We’re getting conflicting reports left and right; was it his hip?  Was it his knee?  Was it his shoulder?  Or was it some amalgam of everything?

Because it sure as shit wasn’t his numbers, his productivity, his skillset coming out of the University of Washington.  With the way he plays, and the numbers he put up, and his ability to catch the ball and break tackles and block for the quarterback, you’re talking about one of the best running backs in this entire draft class.

Here’s what rubs me the wrong way:  the kid played in ALL games from 2009 through 2011.  Doesn’t that kind of toughness count for something?  Even if he WAS playing hurt, just look at what he was able to do!  With that offensive line, and that defense allowing other teams to run up the score.  We committed our team to the run and Chris Polk rewarded us handsomely.  AND, if you look at his game logs, you’ll see that Polk had some of his very best performances towards the end of each season (when you would figure, if he did have degenerative conditions, they would have hindered his late-season performances).

With that kind of dedication, and that kind of tenacity, you’re telling me none of the teams were willing to even spend a 7th round draft pick on this kid?  That’s INSANE!  I don’t care if his shoulder is hanging by a loose tendon, is there nothing to be said for rewarding an elite college career with having his name called on the stage of the Radio City Music Hall?

21 running backs were drafted by 19 different teams.  You’re telling me ALL of those running backs are better than Chris Polk?  Chris Polk isn’t even worth the RISK?

How many guys after the 5th round stick on an NFL team?  I’m willing to wager not a very high percentage.  And even if they do stick, how long until they’re bumped by the next low-round draft pick in one of the subsequent drafts?

Chris Polk is a stud, plain and simple.  The Eagles are lucky they were able to get him after the draft, and I think they will reap the benefits so many other teams passed on.  Especially those 18 other teams who drafted running backs this year.  My guess is, all those 5th, 6th, and 7th round running backs drafted this year won’t do shit in the NFL outside of special teams.

Chris Polk will be a star.  He’s going to start by backing up LeSean McCoy, then he’s going to take over when McCoy gets injured, and finally he’ll be dominating by the time the Eagles let McCoy go.

You done fucked up, NFL.  You let a Husky Legend go undrafted and gave him all the motivation he’ll ever need.

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