What the Seahawks Should Do At Quarterback In 2012

In the event you can’t count, the Seattle Seahawks have four quarterbacks on the roster.  Well, not technically, but we expect Russell Wilson to sign his contract any time.  THEN we’ll have four quarterbacks.

In the event you’re new to the game of professional football, teams rarely – if EVER – keep more than three quarterbacks on the 53-man roster.  Sometimes, it’s as few as two.  Three.  Three is the cheese.

"Speaks so well" isn't a compliment!

Now, if you’re like me, you think Matt Flynn is going to be our starter going into Week 1 of the regular season.  The only conceivable way this DOESN’T happen is if he gets injured.  Matt Flynn getting injured would be very VERY bad for my mental well-being.  I can’t handle a whole fucking summer of the Mariners, followed by our best quarterback going into the regular season injured.

Depending on the severity of the hypothetical injury, we could see some interesting things shake out.  If Flynn goes down for the count early in the preseason, I don’t think there’s any question Tarvar enters as the Number 1 Quarterback.  If Flynn’s injury is something that’s only going to cost him a week or two … maybe not?

Here’s my thinking on the matter:  let’s say Matt Flynn wins the starting job in Training Camp, but let’s say it’s not exactly a landslide.  Both quarterbacks show flashes of brilliance, and both show flashes of why they should be backups in this league.  At that point, the last thing this team wants is a Quarterback Controversy.  Tarvar is in the last year of his 2-year deal.  Flynn is in the first year of a 4-year deal.  Obviously, all things being equal, all things are not equal.  That’s a notch in Flynn’s belt right off the bat, before he’s even thrown a pass in a Seahawks uniform.

I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if, given the closeness of the outcome between the two players, Tarvar is released before the regular season starts, in the final roster cut-downs.

Seahawks fans might not love the guy, but Tarvar showed a lot of grit and a lot of guts last season by taking a pounding behind an inexperienced offensive line.  Granted, some of that was of his own making by holding the ball too damn long, but still.  If Flynn comes out of the gate and costs us a couple of ballgames, who’s to say these fans around here wouldn’t be calling for Tarvar to replace our Golden Child?  Hell, these fans once chanted for Trent Fucking Dilfer!  They once chanted for Charlie Whitehurst!

On the one hand, I see the value of having a veteran guy who knows the offense as your second string quarterback.  QBs go down all the time in this league!  With the talent we have around the quarterback position, I could easily see Tarvar stepping in for a game or two (while Flynn works through an ankle sprain or something) and this team not missing a beat.

On the other, more favorable hand, I want Tarvar out of my life but permanently.  I want to see Matt Flynn thrash the shit out of him in Training Camp so there’s absolutely no question who the leader is of this team.  I want to see more of Josh Portis, because I think he can be exciting.  And, I want to see what Russell Wilson is capable of.

Essentially, Tarvar’s fate rests in Russell Wilson’s hands.  I think we’re all pretty confident in the fact that Josh Portis is a third stringer and no more.  But, Wilson is the real wild card here.  He’s a rookie, so off the bat everything is going to be difficult for him.  But, if he shows this coaching staff he can handle the workload, can remain composed on the field, and lead this offense on some impressive drives, then he could easily snatch that second string job from Tarvar and make the decision to waive him academic.

I, for one, hope exactly that happens.  Wilson seems to have a good head on his shoulders.  Seems like he’ll be willing to put in all the extra work required to be a major player in this league.  If he ends up being the reason why we jettison Tarvar, he will most certainly earn a place in this bitter blogger’s heart.

Tarvar was a move based out of necessity.  We needed to rid this team of Matt Hasselbeck because his best days were clearly behind him.  We needed a quarterback who knew the offense our coordinator was bringing in because we had no offseason thanks to the lockout.  Tarvar came in, tried his hardest, and led this team to a number of impressive wins.  But, he’s still a .500 quarterback at best.  It’s time to let him go and see what a real man can do with the position.

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