Will Mike Williams Make The Team?

As long as we’re speculating wildly about veteran Seahawks without a shred of anything other than hearsay, I might as well look at our Wide Receiver position and take a look at things.

It’s tough to say right now how many guys the Seahawks are going to keep at the position, but I think it’s appropriate to believe six is the magic number.  Field Gulls talks about it a little bit and seems to believe there are already five guys who are as safe as safe can be, considering no formal Training Camp or Preseason has taken place  yet.  They say:

Sidney Rice, Doug Baldwin, Golden Tate, Mike Williams, and Kris Durham should all make the team.

Leaving one spot for three other guys (Obomanu, Butler, and Lockette).

First and foremost, the only guy who is ACTUALLY safe to consider a lock for this team is Doug Baldwin.  You gotta figure Sidney Rice is at least a 90-95% lock, but that other 5-10% involves whether or not he can stay healthy.  At some point, you get tired of watching a guy lose half a season to some malady and just cut ties.  I figure Golden Tate is fairly safe, but he’s going to have to take a major step forward or else this will be his last go-around with the team.

As for Kris Durham and Mike Williams, I don’t think they’re safe AT ALL.  Here’s my take on the matter:  why would you want two guys on your 53-man roster who are pretty much the exact same?  Both are tall, relatively slow, and not particularly big leapers.  Essentially, they’re both 6’5 slot receivers, which makes absolutely no sense!  Yeah, they’re going to play one of the flanker positions, but how productive can you expect them to be?

Kris Durham has a slight advantage over Williams in that he’s younger, but the same red flags remain.  He’s a guy who missed most of last season with an injury.  Williams played most of last season, but was seemingly CONSTANTLY battling some nagging thing or another.  To say he had a down season last year would be sugarcoating the obvious:  he was TERRIBLE.  And, for once, we can probably say that Mike Williams had a terrible season unrelated to him dogging it with his physical fitness.  I just think his body is breaking down and he will never again be able to contribute at a high level for a full 16-game season.  Yeah, he’s only 28 years old, but when you’re talking about a guy who has battled weight issues for a long stretch, that’s certainly going to take some years off of your legs.  Last year, Mike Williams played football like a 34 year old would play football:  slow and invisible.

If Durham can figure out a way to make a dent this offseason, I could see the Seahawks just keeping him and dropping Williams.  Then again, if they both come out and struggle, I could easily see the Seahawks waiving both.

Personally, I don’t think the Seahawks would be at all smart to let Ricardo Lockette go.  That guy might have only caught two passes last season, but those were some impressive fucking catches!  With the dearth we have as far as high-end wide receiver speed, the Seahawks can’t afford to let this guy go!  Rice isn’t a speed guy.  Williams and Durham certainly aren’t speed guys.  Obomanu and Baldwin are quick, but I wouldn’t say they have the kind of down-field burning speed we’re looking for.  As far as I can tell, it’s just Lockette and Butler (but who knows if Butler has recovered from his leg fracture?).

If I had to give you the six wide receivers the Seahawks will keep going into the 2012 season, I’d say it looks something like this:

  1. Sidney Rice
  2. Doug Baldwin
  3. Ben Obomanu
  4. Ricardo Lockette
  5. Golden Tate
  6. Kris Durham

But, we’ll see.  Maybe I’ll be surprised by one of these undrafted free agents.  Maybe some other team cuts a guy that we like.  Either way, I don’t think there’s any way in hell Mike Williams makes this team.  He was a nice feel-good story for a while there, but it looks like his time is up.

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