It’s Probably Time To Find A New Short Stop

UZR.  Defensive Runs Saved.  Ehh.

Yeah, I guess Brendan Ryan is a good defensive short stop.  He makes supposedly difficult plays look routine, he makes routine plays look like he’s doing them in his sleep, WHATEVER.  I don’t care.  First of all, he’s not the greatest short stop ever, okay?  Hell, he’s not even the best short stop the Mariners have had on their roster!  When was the last time you saw him dive all the way to his right, then hop up and throw a runner out at first?  He doesn’t make AMAZING plays.  He’s not Little O, okay?

There are better short stops out there than Brendan Ryan.  Better players who also – news flash – have the ability to hit above .140!  I know, it’s a shock to us all, but there are guys out there.  There are guys out there in Triple-A, Double-A, fuck, probably even in Single-A RIGHT NOW who could do what Brendan Ryan does with the glove while also batting better than .140.

There are also guys on this team right now.  Guys like Kyle Seager.  You’re telling me a guy who is a natural second baseman (so he has to range far to both sides of his body for balls), who has been getting the bulk of his playing time at third base (a position further away from the first base bag than short stop), he can’t play short stop for this team?  Really.

He might not bring the flash and sizzle that Brendan Ryan has with his glove, but I’m willing to bet that Seager would be more than capable out there.  He’s not going to switch to short stop and immediately turn into Russ Davis for Christ’s sake!  Put him out there!  Give Liddi some time to blossom and let’s do this thing!

I’m getting REALLY sick and tired of seeing batting averages below the Mendoza Line.  This shit has to end someway, somehow.  Getting rid of Brendan Ryan is a start.

3 thoughts on “It’s Probably Time To Find A New Short Stop

  1. For someone that writes about baseball your understanding of how the game is played is shockingly poor. B Ryan is far an away the best defensive shortstop in the game. He lead all of MLB in defensive runs saved between 2009—2011 with 65. The next closest SS was Tulo in that time frame with 37. Last season BR lead the league with 18 DRS. This season he already has 16.
    The greatest single season defensive war is 5.4 and it was set back in 1906. Are you aware that Ryan is currently on pace to surpass that? In other words, he is on pace to have the greatest defensive season in the history of MLB but with all of that, he is not even the best currently.
    I am aware that he isn’t hitting but he has been around for awhile and you don’t throw aw a talent like that after 2 months.ihn considering that even though he is hitting below theMendoza line , he still posts the 21st best overall WAR in MLb. Look it up on baseball reference.
    While you are there, educate yourself on omar vizquel defensive statistics. you will notice in his first 5 years in seattle he accumulated a 10.5 dwar averaging approximately 2.1 per season. brendan ryan on the other hand, has been a starter for 3 years and 2 months. In that time ryan has accumulated a dwar of 10.6. In other words, ryan has a higher defense of war in his first 3 years and 2 months as a starter than omar vizquel had in his first 5 years as a starter with seattle. This Is the reality and this is why brendan ryan is the most underrated player in the american league.

  2. “Hell, he’s not even the best short stop the Mariners have had on their roster! When was the last time you saw him dive all the way to his right, then hop up and throw a runner out at first? He doesn’t make AMAZING plays. He’s not Little O, okay?”

    – I am guessing by your estimation that Asdrubal Cabrera is an elite defender. Hahaha.

  3. I have no idea if Asdrubal Cabrera is an elite defender or not. I only watch the Mariners and whoever the Mariners are playing on any given day. In other words, I’m not REALLY a baseball fan, just an M’s fan.

    That having been said, yeah, I’d take Asdrubal Cabrera in a fucking HEARTBEAT.

    Maybe I’d be more impressed with Brendan Ryan’s defensive prowess if he was a complete player. As it stands now, he’s getting all of his WAR from his defensive abilities and absolutely NOTHING from the plate.

    Your defensive numbers mean dick to me. Yeah, who wouldn’t like to have baseball’s greatest defensive short stop on his team? Except, these are the Mariners. They need BATS. Defensive Runs Saved are only going to take you so far; you still need to actually SCORE RUNS to win baseball games.

    Batting .200 is a fucking disgrace. Batting .150 … you should be kicked out of the LEAGUE! It’s pathetic and you know it. He could be Bugs Bunny in the field, running around playing elite-level defense at all the positions at once and he STILL wouldn’t be worth the hit this team is taking because of his anemic bat.

    And, fine, you got me. Little O can’t hold a candle to Brendan Ryan’s defense. Big fucking deal. I don’t ever remember Little O hitting this shitty.

    And you know what a little flare gets you out in the field? It gets you on Sportscenter. It gets you Gold Gloves. That might not mean shit to you, but I guarantee it means something to Brendan Ryan. Champion him all you want, but as long as he continues to suck this much dick at the plate, he’s never going to be properly recognized by the masses for his glovework.

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