Well, The Last Place Mariners Got Swept At Home By The Erstwhile Last Place Angels

Hot diggity damn!  We’re back and better than ever!  Virus-free, brand spankin’ new hosting server, same familiar smell of desperation & resentment!

What did I miss in my absence?  Well, somehow the Mariners went into Colorado and swept them in a three-game series, then did the nearly impossible by beating the Rangers in Safeco 2 out of 3 games.  Kevin Millwood has been on a tear, Brandon League has lost his designation as the team’s closer (though he’ll get every opportunity to rack up some more Holds), and – oh yeah – the Angels came into town.

The Mariners were 21-25 and thinking maybe, just maybe, about scratching and clawing their way back into this AL West race.  I wasn’t thinking that, mind you, but they probably were.  The Angels, meanwhile, were 20-25.  Yes, they had just won a series against the A’s, but they were playing some of the most pisspoor baseball these first seven weeks of anyone in the Major Leagues.

People were speculating.  Maybe this was it.  Maybe the whole season for the Angels hinged on this 4-game series in Seattle.  And with their backs against the wall, languishing turgidly in 4th place in the division, the Angels:

  1. Saw Dan Haren pitch a complete game shutout with 14 strikeouts
  2. Forced Brandon League into his 4th Loss & 4th Blown Save of the season (in 13 opportunities)
  3. Hit a Grand Slam on Felix Day
  4. And hit two home runs off of Noesi while holding the Mariners to 3 hits in the finale

In other words, my worst fucking nightmare.  The Angels are now in second place in the division, one victory away from .500 with the end of May fast approaching, and the Mariners are firmly in last place, 10 games behind division-leading Texas.

In Draft Watch, if you’re into that sort of thing, the Mariners are the 7th-worst team in all of baseball.  It’s never too early to dream.

Just in case anyone wanted to look forward to some improved play in the upcoming month, here’s a breakdown of the upcoming schedule:

  • 3 games in Texas (one of the best teams in all of baseball)
  • 3 games in Chicago (currently a half game behind Cleveland in the Central)
  • 3 games in Anaheim (who just finished sweeping us in Safeco this past weekend)
  • 3 games against the Dodgers (the very best team in all of baseball)
  • 3 games against San Diego (finally, a crappy team)
  • 3 games against the Giants (second in the NL West)
  • 3 games in Arizona (third in a very-tough NL West)
  • 3 games in San Diego (again, a crappy team)
  • 3 games against Oakland (not as bad as they were to start the season)
  • 4 games against Boston (not as bad as their .500 record indicates)
  • 3 games against Baltimore (leading the AL East – baseball’s toughest division)
  • 3 games in Oakland
  • All Star Break

I could go on and on (for instance, the first series after the All Star Break is at home against Texas again), but you get the idea.  The Mariners are terrible and just about every team in baseball is better than them (again).  On the flipside, the team is improving where it matters most (the hitting), and you still gotta figure a lot of help is on the way where we’re especially bad right now (the pitching, both starting & relief).

Somehow, we just gotta make it through this year.  It’ll start to look better in 2013, I can almost feel it.

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