Better To Push Felix Back Than Put Him On The DL If You Don’t Have To

Look, I’m as leery as anyone about this Felix injury.  In fact, I don’t like the words “Felix” and “injury” to be so close together in the same sentence!  Losing Felix for any extended period of time is pretty much my worst nightmare.

What I want to know is:  if he HAS to be injured, is a back injury ideal?

I’m not an athlete.  Nor am I particulary clumsy or injury-prone, so I have no personal frame of reference.  But, I’ve watched a lot of sports, and I’ve played a lot of fantasy sports.

Obviously, the number one thing you DON’T want to see in your pitcher is a major shoulder injury.  That’s Erik Bedard shit and I don’t need that kind of juju right now.  Followed closely behind would probably be an elbow injury.  So, really, we’ve dodged a bullet right there, because nothing about the arm or hand is reportedly amiss.

I would argue that knee or leg injuries would follow, especially to the pitcher’s power leg.  You’re not going to be you if you can’t generate any power on your throws.

Ostensibly, a minor back tweaking is probably the best-case scenario as far as injuries where you miss a start are concerned.  That doesn’t mean it’s a good thing.  Certainly not!  Perfect health would be ideal, but perfect health is a fantasy.  What we have to hope for is that this is indeed minor.  That it doesn’t linger for weeks or months on end.  That it doesn’t lay waste to his offseason workout program and delay his spring debut next year.

But, there’s little we can really do to control any of that.  He will get better when he gets better.  Felix is young, he’s strong, he’s the ace of our staff.  We have to believe he will be better sooner rather than later.  And if he was ever going to tweak something, this would probably be the week to do it.  With an off-day this Thursday, and another the following Monday, we can easily skip one of his starts and still get by.

What would be entirely pointless would be to throw Felix on the DL willy-nilly.  Why would you do that if you didn’t have to?  I say you let this play out for a few more days, then, if he’s still not better, put him on the DL retroactively to the day after his last start.  No sense in sitting him down if he’s going to be fine this weekend.  Likewise, no sense in getting Felix’s blood all riled up if you don’t have to.  I don’t know about you guys, but I like to keep our superstars happy so they’re more willing to stay here for the duration of their careers.

I think Wedge has the right idea on this.  Now, it’s up to the baseball gods to make our Felix all better.

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