You Did This, Howard Schultz

How do you feel, Mr. Schultz?  Does it feel good to be you?  A multi-millionaire with your own corporation, presumably with a wife and kids and a big house somewhere far away and fenced-off from us regular folk … must be nice, right?

Now, if only you weren’t a rash, short-sighted, limp-dicked cretin, you would seemingly have it all!

I hope you’re watching these NBA playoffs, Mr. Schultz.  I hope you’re sick to your stomach as our erstwhile Sonics are inching their way towards a second NBA championship while wearing a different city’s jerseys.  I hope you feel like the ass that you are knowing that some other city gets to enjoy some of the best basketball in the world because you were too much of a spineless, gutless, yellow-bellied coward.

You deprived this city of memories that would last a lifetime.  You stole from us seasons upon seasons of entertainment.  Of community.  Of a community banding together in celebration of something truly great.

I hope you’re fucking miserable.  I hope you’re as miserable as all of us REAL Sonics fans are, right now, watching what we’re forced to watch.  Real Sonics fans, if they had millions upon millions upon MILLIONS of dollars … wouldn’t cut and run if they owned their hometown basketball franchise when the going got tough.  I hope you understand that.  And I hope, if we ever get a new team, you continue to be the coward that you are by never showing your face at a game.  Because in spite of all your money, you’re worthless.  We don’t want you associating with us.  Go root for the team in Oklahoma City.  The team you gave away.  The team whose history we’re forced to share.  The team who is going to win its second world championship in a matter of days.

You’re not welcome here.

I hope you rue your decision until the day you die.  I hope it haunts your every waking moment.  I hope you dream about your decision nightly.  I hope you will never forget what a nut-less fuckface you are.  And I hope you live to be a hundred, so your wretched time on Earth can be plagued by what you did.  What you did to this city.  What you did to so many thousands upon thousands of fans of the Sonics who you left for dead.

And then when you finally do die, I hope they take your ashes and flush them down the toilet.  It would be a fitting end for such a piece of shit.

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