Chris Clemons Is Acting Like A Bitch

Chris Clemons is holding out of the mandatory 3-day minicamp, presumably because he’s entering the final year of his deal and he’s looking to be compensated for his efforts these past two seasons.


If you want to get an optimal deal, wouldn’t you want to be on your best behavior so the team knows it can count on you?  This is sheer laziness and sheer selfishness on his part.  In short, he’s being a little bitch.

If you’re mad at the Seahawks, then fine, whatever.  They’re disrespecting you (by paying you millions of dollars to play a child’s game), they’re not making you a number one priority even though you’ve still got a season left on your deal, again, whatever.  Kick some ass in your Contract Year, become a free agent, and get a max deal somewhere else!  It’s not that hard!  Other teams will see that you swallowed your pride (again, while making millions of dollars to play a child’s game) and they’ll know you’re a stand-up guy worth paying the big bucks to.

By holding out, you look like a fucking infant.  A spoiled little baby.  A cocksucker who is biting the hand that feeds him.  Especially considering the Seahawks fucking rescued him from the doldrums and turned him into a productive defensive end.

Chris Clemons, quit being a bitch.  Just quit it!  Do your fucking job, pocket your millions of dollars, and then leave this awful hellscape you seemingly can’t wait to leave.  We just drafted your replacement, so really, you’re not that important to us anymore.  You’re not in our long-term plans.

In short, if you’re not going to be a good teammate, then do us all a favor and don’t come back at all.  We don’t want you poisoning this team with your bitch-like attitude.

No one has ever held out for a significant period of the season and lived to make it a good one.  Either you get injured, or you’re out of shape and aren’t productive.  So, if this is going to be a trend come August, then just stay home and continue to be a bitch.  Because we don’t need your bitch-kind here.

4 thoughts on “Chris Clemons Is Acting Like A Bitch

  1. I agree with the most of your comments less the profanity.
    He is simply upset he is not being paid for his efforts. 4 million seems pretty good to me. But from his perspective he is now 30 years old. This will be he last pay day. He needs it for retirement. Unfortunately he will loose in the end.

    Had he showed up to camp he would be looking at getting possibly franchise tagged so they could pay him a lot for a short term deal. But now he will be lucky to get 15 million. For a 3 year deal. I just don’t see 3 years of solid production left in him.

    Mean while if anyone should be bitching it should be Richard Sherman. That guy arguably was the BEST CB on the seahawks last year and makes league minimum 500k. Worse.. KJ Wright went to the pro bowl and he got stiffed. >< both Richard and KJ will get nice salary bumps. I agree Chris were going to the play offs with our with out you.

    Nuff said.

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