A 12:30 Apple Cup Is A Pain In My Ass

Some times came out for various Husky games this season.  Still no word on the LSU game (and I’m dismayed to learn we might not know the start time until “6-12 days before” according to Bob Condotta at the Seattle Times), but I’m hoping they’re right when they say it’s going to be a night game on ESPN (more time for tailgating down in the Bayou for me).

What’s irking a lot of Husky fans (and, I suppose, a lot of Cougar fans who are transplants to the west side of the state) is this Apple Cup.  Not only did we get the shaft by having it on the day after Thanksgiving, but we got the DOUBLE shaft by having it start at 12:30pm.

So, if you had any delusions of going across the mountains to attend this game, you’re essentially fucked.  Your options are:

  • Have relatives who live in or near Pullman
  • Take your Thanksgiving on the road and spend it in some shitty hotel in or near Pullman
  • Leave your family Thanksgiving afternoon, drive five hours, and find some shitty hotel in or near Pullman
  • Spend your Thanksgiving at home, wake up at the buttcrack of dawn (or, rather, the small intestine of dawn, because seriously, that drive) and drive five hours in hopes to make it for game time

A reasonable person could defend the fact that this game is on a Friday after Thanksgiving.  It’s the price we have to pay in the Pac-12 for having every game guaranteed to be televised.  It’s also the price we have to pay for all those millions upon millions of dollars each school received upon the Pac-12 signing this TV deal.  Remember all those defensive coaches we signed in the offseason?  Remember all those studs we poached from the Cal Bears?  Chickens coming home to roost, my friends.  And besides all that, would there really be much of a difference if the game was on the Saturday after Thanksgiving instead of the Friday?  The dismal crowd would pretty much be just as dismal either day.

But, that’s factoring in scheduling the game at a reasonable hour.  Even 3:30 wouldn’t have been bad!  Or, you know, why not make it a night game?  It would certainly give the Apple Cup a little more atmosphere, having it played under the lights.  12:30 is just cruel!  You’re making it next-to-impossible for anyone but the most ardent of hardcore fans to see it live.

Hey family?  Yeah, thanks for always being there for me, but why don’t you go fuck yourselves on Thanksgiving, because I’ve got to drive a million miles to see a football game in a shitty, broken-down stadium surrounded by thousands of degenerates because the conference just HAD to schedule it at 12:30.

That having been said … ehh, I might still go.  Don’t ever say I won’t forsake my family in the name of a college football rivalry.

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