This Article About Russell Wilson Makes My Panties Wet

Look, I’m not gonna sit here and tell you I think Russell Wilson should be the starting quarterback of YOUR Seattle Seahawks as a rookie.  I think we signed Matt Flynn for a reason (and that reason was to rid my life of Tarvar once and for all) and I want to see what he’s made of.

(I want to see OF what he’s made … I still don’t like how that sounds).

But I will say that I look forward to the day when Russell Wilson gets his chance, in a regular season game, to do what he was born to do.  And, in the shorter term, I look forward to Saturday, August 11th, when the Seahawks take to CenturyLink Field to face the Tennessee Titans in our first preseason game.  Russell Wilson might be entrenched as our third stringer for that game, but I fully anticipate to see him get the bulk of the second-half snaps.  And I fully anticipate to see him making the Titans’ third stringers look foolish.

Read this.  It’s from the venerable Tacoma News Tribune (my old hometown newspaper), written by Eric Williams, a quality Seahawks beat writer if I’ve ever seen one.  In it, he makes a case – however indirectly – that this will soon be a 2-man Quarterback race, with the odds in favor of Wilson being the odd man out.  Regardless, read the following about Wilson which I will outline thusly:

Wilson’s also a perfectionist.

After overthrowing a pass by a couple inches during practice, Wilson stayed on the field after practice, making the same throw over and over to the corner of the end zone with quarterbacks coach Carl Smith looking on.

“I always believe (in trying to) fix it right then and there,” Wilson said. “And just focus on it.

“So that way when you walk off the field I feel like I really accomplished that throw today. I don’t want to be going home and thinking, ‘Aw, I really missed that throw today.’ Now I feel a little bit better about it. I made the completion, whatever it is.”

You know who succeeds in the NFL, more often than not?  Perfectionists.  Guys who constantly stay late after practice, working on things one-on-one with coaches.  Guys who come in early for practice to get some work in.  Guys who watch hours upon hours of tape on themselves and their opponents.  Guys constantly thinking and constantly tinkering with their craft.

Put it another way, when was the last time you read about something like this regarding a Seahawks quarterback?  Probably not since Matt Hasselbeck was trying to break through as a bona fide NFL starter.

Put it a third way, I don’t remember reading anything about Charlie Whitehurst declaring himself a perfectionist about anything but hair care products (and even that might have been a fever dream I had).

It makes the most sense to have Russell Wilson as your third string quarterback, at least initially.  Going into Training Camp in late July.  I mean, who has ever heard of a true 3-way Quarterback competition?  That makes no sense!  It makes more sense to take it a little more slowly with Wilson in the early going.  Let him get his feet wet against the other babes of the NFL.  Let Flynn and Tarvar duke it out.  And finally, when Tarvar eventually loses, make the hard decision about the #2 guy.

Do you want to have ongoing conflict by keeping a guy like Tarvar?  Or, did Wilson earn the opportunity to be the number one backup on this team?

By the looks of the above article, my money is on Wilson.  I like this kid more and more every time I read about him.

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