Ichiro Has 2,504 Hits

This post was supposed to commemorate Ichiro’s milestone of 2,500 hits, but if I’m anything it’s punctual, so here is a post commemorating Ichiro’s less-sexy milestone of 2,504 hits.

With 2,504 hits, Ichiro is now 95th on the all-time hits list.  Assuming Ichiro doesn’t completely fall apart between now and the end of the season, I think it’s probably a safe bet he will have around 160 hits on the season.  He’s got 76 now, so my conservative estimate would put him at 2,588 hits at season’s end.  Assuming Manny Ramirez’s comeback doesn’t pan out, 2,588 hits would put Ichiro 82nd on the all-time hits list, two behind Vlad Guerrero.  Think about THAT!  Vlad had 16 seasons to amass 2,590 hits; Ichiro should be right on his ass after only 12!  And Ichiro started when he was 27 years old!

I don’t have a whole lot else to say on the subject, so I’ll refer you to this article.  Did you know Ichiro was the 4th-fastest to 2,500 hits?  You do now!  Who was faster?  Click on the link!  And then go on with your life.  Or not.  This might be the last major milestone we see from him in a Mariners uniform.  It’s going to be weird watching Ichiro get to 3,000 hits in an Oakland A’s uniform, that’s for damn sure.

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