3 thoughts on “The Amazing 2000 Washington Husky Football Team Wins A National Championship

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  2. i watched the 2000 UW Huskies. i remember how good they were, too. that said, if any of the NC teams you listed played UW that year, given their overall talent, they’d probably have bludgeoned UW. No offense, but UW was never true company for those other schools. Oregon, however, might have given those schools a game.

    • Granted, I’m about as big of a homer in this case as they get; this is an outlandish position I’m taking in a hypothetical universe where probably everything would have to go right for it to pan out the way I have it panning out.

      That having been said, UW did beat Miami. That’s no lie. Miami beat Florida State. And Oklahoma was good, but they weren’t THAT good. They weren’t unbeatable (in spite of their unblemished record). The teams they played (especially in their non-conference schedule) were laughable. Except for the Florida Gators, to a lesser extent (given the fact they still had Rex Grossman). FSU and Miami both beat Florida though, so I can’t imagine the Gators were that tough.

      As for Oregon??? You’ve got your head up your own ass on that one, buddy. First of all, there’s no way in HELL they were better than the Beavers that year; and if you don’t believe me, take a look at the 2000 Civil War. Hell, the Ducks lost to Wisconsin that year! A team that would go on to lose four games!

      So no, fuck Oregon. Washington. Huskies 4 Life.

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