The All Star Break Is Finally Upon Us

The Mariners lost today 2-1 to the A’s in 13 innings to drop to 36-51 on the season.  Ever since that no-hitter against the Dodgers – the season’s greatest highlight, if not in overall record – the Mariners have gone 9-18 and have hit for practically nothing.

Changes are coming this week, or so I’ve been told.  Players will be sent down to the Minors; prominent players.  I might comment on it or I might not.  If you think the Mariners need this 4-day break more than anything, I’ll tell you what:  FANS who have followed this team regularly need a 4-day break WAY more!

Truth be told, I’m probably not going to write a whole lot this week.  If something strikes my fancy, okay.  But, I’m not forcing anything.  There’s nothing going on this week that can’t wait until next week.

This must be what Spring Break feels like.  It’s been so long, I can hardly remember anymore.

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