Can The Mariners Play All Their Games In Kansas City?

31 runs in four games.  You’d have to combine their last 14 home games to beat that total in Safeco.  Just sayin’ …

It’s kind of depressing to know that these last four games are essentially meaningless.  I mean, what stock can you take from these performances?  The pitching we faced were glorified Triple-A guys.  It was 100 degrees every day.  Now we really know why the organization didn’t demote any of the everyday hitters:  they knew what we were facing in Kansas City!

But, seriously, what can you take away?  Until you see these players putting up these kinds of numbers – even if it’s just a small sample size of four games – at home, it’s not like you can throw your hands up and say, “They’re cured!”  They ain’t cured!  They ain’t shit!

Still, this was nice.  A nice change of pace.  Watching the Mariners absolutely dismantle an opponent the way they did in three out of four games brought back fond memories of when they used to do this all the time.

Of course, that all ends tomorrow.  3-game series in Tampa, then right back home without an off day for the Yankees.  What kind of bullshit scheduling is that, MLB?  They stick us in Tampa, then force us to fly all the way across the country from pretty much the furthest point, just so we can come home and face the juggernaut that is the New York Yankees?  Fuck You, MLB!

On the flipside, after this 20-game stretch in 20 days, the Mariners get a day off at least once a week from here on out.  With only one more East Coast trip to boot.

Here come the dog days.  Which will lead us right into the Dawg Days.  Go Huskies …

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