#30 – Russell Wilson

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He may be #30 on this countdown, but Russell Wilson will be #1 in my heart if he does what I hope he does.  That would be:  unseating Tarvar as the backup quarterback on this team and causing Tarvar’s unceremonious dismissal.

I think I’m a patient man (actually, no, no I am not).  I’ve had to suffer years upon years of mediocre quarterbacking.  From the tail end of Dave Krieg’s fumble-prone career, to the triad of suck known as Kelly Stouffer, Dan McGwire & Stan Gelbaugh, to #2 overall draft pick-turned-bust Rick Mirer.  Then, you’ve got the underwhelming efforts of John Friesz, Jon Kitna, Trent Dilfer and Brock Huard (with a still-good, though highly injury-prone Warren Moon at the end of his Hall of Fame career mixed in for good measure).  Have I NOT suffered enough as a Seahawks fan?  I’m sorry, but a half-decade’s worth of Pro Bowl-calibre effort from Matt Hasselbeck cannot erase the entire decade of the 90s.

Tarvar is the icing on the cake e coli on the Jack In The Box hamburger that is the quarterback position of the Seattle Seahawks for the last 20+ years (again, give or take a few great Hasselbeck seasons).  It’s not enough to know that Tarvar won’t be the starting quarterback going into this season; I want him out of my life FOREVER.  I don’t even want a CHANCE of him entering the game as a hobbled Flynn limps off the field after a particularly nasty sack.

Which means, obvs, I have to root for Russell Wilson to be extremely effective this pre-season.

Don’t you love it when a plan comes together?  That’s a thing people say when they’ve hatched a scheme and it concludes flawlessly.  Well, that’s sort of how I feel when one of my favorite teams eliminates the last of the players I hate.  Tarvar, really, is the only guy on the Seahawks I actively don’t like.  Not because I think he’s a bad person.  Just because I think he’s a bad quarterback.  I will be popping open a bottle of champagne the day this team releases him, thanking the heavens that the clouds have parted and I’m free of mediocrity once and for all!

2 thoughts on “#30 – Russell Wilson

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  2. Here, here! Finally, someone with some sense. I too am done with the failed Tarvaris experiment. More so now after going back and watching every one of his snaps throughout the season. You would think that after all the years with the same coordinator he would actually have a grasp of the offense. But no, he only has a grasp on the football long enough to take another sack.

    Some people, for unknown reasons, actually think Tarvaris is leading the QB competition. I don’t see it that way. Tarvaris has had the exact same playbook going on seven years. Flynn and Wilson have had the playbook going on three months and are already caught up to Tarvaris. If anything, that does not bode well for Tarvaris. I have very little doubt that either Flynn or Wilson will easily be able to be the 27th best rated passer in the league. Either one of the new guys will more than likely be better.

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