#29 – Golden Tate

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I can’t justify putting Tate any higher than this because the Seahawks have already done so much without him.  I mean, he has a combined 609 yards in his first two seasons, over 56 receptions.  You can’t even say his yards per reception makes him all that much of a big play threat on paper, averaging only 10.9.  Thus far, he has 3 TDs and 1 fumble.  He has essentially been a nothing.

But, he is one of the 30 most important Seahawks because in reality, he DOES have big-play potential.  And he was drafted in Carroll & Schneider’s first year here.  AND because I believe he’s one of the few locks on this team with something to prove.

They’re not going to cut Golden Tate, so let’s just get that out of the way up front.  The kid has raw talent.  And he’s had two years in the same offense, so even if he’s one of the dumbest players in football, he’s still had two years to figure some shit out.  Now, with Mike Williams’ spot vacated, this is Tate’s opportunity.  No, they’re not the same type of receiver, but it doesn’t matter.  Big Mike was taking away snaps from Tate.  Now, they can be his, if he makes the leap and earns them in Training Camp.

That’s the thing, Pete Carroll has proven he’s not just going to GIVE you plays.  You have to go out and win your playing time by showing you’re better than the other guys.  Golden Tate CAN be an elite receiver.  But, he has to want it.  He should have already studied this playbook like it’s the fucking Torah, he should have been working with quarterbacks on this playbook all offseason long, and he needs to know what routes he’s supposed to run before the quarterback has uttered a word in the huddle.

Of course, we can’t forget that Tate is already our backup return man.  Leon Washington is getting up there.  He will also figure to get a good number of 3rd down snaps at running back with no Forsett on the roster.  That should open up a couple returns a game for Tate to flash his amazing speed and shiftiness.

Yes, going into 2012, Golden Tate is our 29th most important player, but he has the potential to FAR exceed that ranking.  He just needs to fucking do it already.

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