Ichiro Was Traded To The New York Yankees

Ichiro has:

  • 2,533 hits
  • 1,176 runs
  • a .322 batting average
  • a .366 on-base percentage
  • a .418 slugging percentage
  • a .784 OPS
  • 8,483 plate appearances
  • 295 doubles
  • 79 triples
  • 99 home runs
  • 633 RBI
  • 438 stolen bases in 535 attempts
  • 513 walks against 792 strikeouts
  • 3,283 total bases

in 1,844 games in the Major Leagues over 12 seasons with the Seattle Mariners.

Ichiro has:

  • won the AL Rookie of the Year award in 2001
  • been to 10 All Star Games (2001-2010)
  • won 10 Gold Glove Awards (2001-2010)
  • won 3 Silver Slugger Awards (2001, 2007, & 2009)
  • 10 seasons with 200+ hits (2001-2010)
  • the all-time single-season hits record with 262 in 2004
  • won the AL batting average title twice (2001 – .350 & 2004 – .372)
  • finished 2nd in AL batting average twice (2007 – .351 & 2009 – .352)
  • won the AL Most Valuable Player award in 2001

Ichiro has the Mariners franchise record in:

  • hits with 2,533 (2nd place:  Edgar Martinez with 2,247)
  • triples with 79 (2nd place:  Harold Reynolds with 48)
  • batting average with .322 (2nd place:  Edgar Martinez with .312)
  • stolen bases with 438 (2nd place:  Julio Cruz with 290)
  • intentional bases on balls with 172 (tied with Ken Griffey Jr.)
  • single-season batting average with .372 in 2004 (2nd place:  Alex Rodriguez with .358 in 1996)
  • single-season hits with 262 in 2004 (2nd place:  Ichiro with 242 in 2001; 3rd place:  Ichiro with 238 in 2007; 4th place:  Ichiro with 225 in 2009; 5th place:  Ichiro with 224 in 2006; 6th place:  Alex Rodriguez with 215 in 1996)
  • single-season triples with 12 in 2005 (2nd place:  Harold Reynolds with 11 in 1988)
  • single-season intentional bases on balls with 27 in 2002 (2nd place:  Ken Griffey Jr. with 25 in 1993)
  • single-season stolen base percentage with 95.75% in 2006 (45 of 47)

And yet, with all that history, with being the face of the franchise as well as the best player ON this franchise for so many years, it’s unfortunate that so many Mariners fans can only focus on the fact that Ichiro has:

  • been a part of 1 playoff team, in 2001
  • been a part of two 100-loss teams, in 2008 & 2010
  • been a part of three other 90+ loss teams, in 2004, 2005, & 2011

Or, you know, some other bullshit about him being selfish.  About him not being a good teammate.  About him only focusing on his own numbers.

You know what?  Show me a player who focuses on his own numbers and I’ll show you every single Major League Baseball player since the dawn of time.  At least he had numbers worth focusing on!  But, more importantly, all of that is hearsay, primarily from disgruntled former-Mariners who have no reason to be objective when it comes to the team that no longer employs them.

It’s not Ichiro’s fault that this organization stinks and has stunk for the bulk of his Major League career!  Ichiro didn’t draft bust after bust after bust.  Ichiro didn’t trade prospects who went on to become All Stars for duds not long for this roster.  Ichiro didn’t sign free agents for exorbitant amounts of money and Ichiro wasn’t at fault for them coming to Seattle and sucking supreme and royal dick!

Ichiro did his job, he did it well for 10 straight years, he is GOING to be a Hall of Famer (and only the third to go in as a Mariner after Dave Niehaus and Ken Griffey Jr.), so I would hope the fans of Seattle could show a little fucking class and a little fucking dignity to a legend who played his final game as a Seattle Mariner on July 22, 2012, in a 2-1 win over the Tampa Bay Rays where he went 0-4 with 2 stolen bases and a run scored.

Truth be told, Ichiro is probably the BEST teammate this team ever could have had!  He saw an organization on the rebuild, he saw his place would no longer be as a starter beyond this season, he saw a team that could ill-afford to bring him back beyond this season, and he didn’t want to be a distraction, so he asked the team for a trade.  Honestly, it’s sad to see him leave; I wish I had one more game with him in a Mariners uniform to properly soak it all in.  But, I guess more than anything, I’m relieved.  I’m relieved that he’s finally getting a chance to win a title.  And, frankly, I’m relieved that he won’t be coming back.

I think it is important to honor the man as he’s leaving as the icon he was for this organization.  Ichiro deserves nothing but our respect and admiration for what he has accomplished as a Mariner.  But, let’s be honest here, this organization doesn’t handle aging superstars well.  See:  the 2004 season where they tried to keep a team FULL of aging veterans together for one more go-around, with disasterous results.  See also:  Griffey Jr., Ken + 2010 contract extension.  With the Mariners, if you’re a fan favorite, you’ve got a job for life.  Baseball isn’t supposed to be like the Supreme Court.  At some point, you’ve got to know when to fold ’em, and the Mariners keep going all-in with Queen-high.

But, just because this is the tail-end of Ichiro’s career doesn’t mean it’s fair to rag on him as he walks out the door.  Anyone who considers himself a Mariners fan needs to recognize all the accomplishments Ichiro achieved for this team.  They need to pay proper respect.  And if they can’t bring themselves to do that, then they need to shut the fuck up because they sound fucking idiotic.

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