Chris Clemons Is Happy Now

He got his deal.  I don’t currently know the terms of the deal, but it’s a deal.  Some kind of extension taking him through the 2014 season (apparently).  In short, he’s happy, he will come to Training Camp on time, and I guess it’s time to tip-toe around all that bitch-talk from before.

I’m not going to sit here and pretend I understand everything about the game.  What I failed to acknowledge in the Bitch Post is the Franchise Tag, which is a very real (and apparently, very prison-like) possibility that pays someone like Clemons an average of the Top 5 salaries at his position.  For whatever reason, making even MORE millions of dollars on a 1-year deal is a fate worse than Hell.  I guess people have no faith in their abilities to stay healthy anymore.

It makes you wonder why a player would even LET himself get to a contract season.  I mean, obviously, if the Chris Clemons scenario is any indication, if you hold out the offseason BEFORE your contract year, you’re going to get what you want all the same.

Yeah!  Let’s just hold everyone hostage!  Damn the torpedoes!

I’m sorry, but I’m firmly NOT in the player’s camp in most of these hold-out situations.  Unless you’re a Drew Brees and you have JUST broken the all-time single-season passing record (or whatever his equivalent is, which I will remind you, doesn’t incorporate very much of the NFL), or if you’re Matt Forte and you essentially ARE the offense of the Chicago Bears, then you don’t really have much of a leg to stand on and you need to honor your deal.

To which, the natural response is:  Why?  NFL teams don’t honor their contracts!  They will cut you to save cap at the drop of a hat!

Yeah, well, they wouldn’t do that if you lived up to your deal!  If you produced at a level to which you deserved an inflated balloon payment at the end of your deal, then I’m sure the team would bend over backwards to keep you around!  But, if you start coming down with hangnails, or start letting your age reflect your level of play, then you DESERVE to be cut.  Here’s to hoping you invested your money wisely so you can have a nice, comfortable retirement, however premature it may be.

But, whatever, I’m off my soapbox now.  Chris Clemons is back, and I guess that makes me glad.  After all, having more talent is better than having less.  Clemons, regardless of how I disagree with his negotiation tactics, is still a talented defensive end who should continue to produce at a level worthy of keeping around.  For 2-3 more years?  Sounds good to me.  Let’s get this team together, let’s have a fucking amazing Training Camp, and let’s show the world what the Seahawks can do in 2012!

2 thoughts on “Chris Clemons Is Happy Now

  1. Excellent!

    Good stuff. If you find out more details on his contract please let us know 🙂
    I can’t imagine Clemens and Bruce Irvin and Red Bryant ><
    The pain train!

  2. I was listening to an ESPN short clip. Lynch may only get docked a few paychecks and miss no time at all. The ESPN sports writer basically said the Seahawks should not worry to much about this. Other then the obvious fact he still did it!

    Lynch’s lawyer feels there is legal precedence that your blood alcohol (BA) level can rise under custody before it goes down. So Lynch’s lawyer thinks it will get dropped and has no concerns.

    Go Seahawks!

    So we dodge a bullet because if it’s dropped then the leagues penalties should reflect that.

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