#28 – Kellen Winslow

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I don’t have a super high amount of confidence in Kellen Winslow at this point in his career.  He’s 29 years old, he has a history of injuries, and we have basically been told flat out by the team that he’s probably not going to practice all that much during the season because they don’t want to over-work his body.  Just because he hasn’t missed a game in the last three seasons doesn’t mean he has necessarily been healthy.

Maybe I would have more confidence if he was a longtime Seahawk.  As such, he’s coming into a completely new situation on a free agent deal, and it’s up to him to win us fans over.

I feel that if you go into this Kellen Winslow situation not expecting a whole lot, then whatever you get is going to be dynamite.  Because he CAN be a high-impact pass-catching tight end.  In fact, if you incorporate his career as a whole, he’s probably the most talented tight end this franchise has ever seen!  If we can get even half a season’s worth of high-level production out of him, I’d be thrilled beyond belief.

The good thing about Winslow is he’s a luxury.  He’s not necessarily someone we HAD to get in order to be successful.  We have Zach Miller and a bunch of other, younger tight ends looking to make names for themselves.  Plus, aside from helping out in the run game, this isn’t an offense that highlights the tight end like they do in Green Bay or New England.  If the Seahawks were ever going to be successful in 2012, it will happen with or without Winslow.

That having been said, if Winslow is able to replicate his Pro Bowl ways, if even for a few games, that might be all the difference between a 7-9 season and a 9-7 season.  I think he can have that kind of impact for our offense.

No, he’s not any kind of long-term solution.  The Seahawks are eventually going to have to address the tight end position in a more permanent way (which they have never really been able to do).  But, in 2012, if he can squeeze one more year’s worth of high-level play out of his seemingly-frail body, Winslow might just be the steal of the free agent season.

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