King County Council Passes Arena Deal 6-3

The Seattle Supersonics Timeline keeps growing

It’s hard to not be proud of the Green & Gold contingent filling up these public hearings with their vociferous opinions.  I kinda got the feeling – whether right or wrong – that in 2008 the Sonics faithful dropped the ball.  We kind of felt like, “No way, there is no WAY our team is going to leave.”  And then they left and we were stunned, wishing we’d done just a little bit more.

Well, the sense of urgency is here!  It’s back!  And I think it’s most definitely necessary.

There’s a part of me, a jaded, cynical part of me, that believes these bullshit politicians are going to do whatever is in their best interests, regardless of the outpouring of support from the majority who wants this deal to pass.  And, as you can see in the 6-3 vote today, clearly 1/3 of the King County Council has their own greedy, objectionist interests at heart.

But, there’s another more optimistic, idealistic part of me that thinks, “We CAN make a difference!”  For those politicians who are truly neutral, who are on the fence about this whole thing; maybe they’re not that into sports or could care less about the frivolous things I find meaningful; seeing a group of passionate, desperate Sonics fans showing how much they care by coming out in force just might make all the difference in swaying their opinions.

Who knows?  Maybe the MOU would have passed either way.

Or MAYBE a couple of those council members were influenced by emotion.  I’m not saying influenced ENTIRELY by emotion; but maybe instead of dismissing this thing out of hand as a bunch of corporate meatheads trying to scam the city and county out of millions of dollars, they opted to look at the facts and give this thing an honest chance.

I’m far from convinced that this thing is actually going to get done, but today was a nice little step.  Of course, just as we were given something to celebrate, the City Council decided to throw up another huge roadblock we’re supposed to drive around.  I mean, Jesus Christ, you couldn’t give us one fucking day to enjoy ourselves?  Fuck you, Seattle.  You’re truly a piece of shit, you know that?

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