Don’t Expect Much Out Of Braylon Edwards

Braylon Edwards is the definition of disappointment a complete fucking waste of perfectly good talent.  He’s Plaxico Burress without the arrest record.  He’s Randy Moss without the Hall of Fame numbers.  He’s Chris Chambers without a chip on his shoulder.

He is every wide receiver you hate:  extremely, freakishly talented and also lazy, soft, and a complete moron.  He is, in short, a douche.

Have you ever taken a flyer on Edwards in one of your fantasy football leagues?  Then you know what I’m talking about.  “Oh, no worries, THIS will be the year Edwards puts it all together!  For an 8th round pick?  I’d be an idiot NOT to draft him!”  And then you start him, and start him, and start him, and he gets you a couple catches for 20 yards, four catches for 50 yards, one catch for 13 yards … then you pick up someone off the free agent scrap heap with the hopes of replacing Edwards in your lineup, but guess what?  Another receiver on your roster just got injured, and this week Edwards is playing against the Lions.  SURELY he’ll have a good week against the Lions.

Zero catches, three drops.

Oh the drops.  OH THE DROPS!!!  “Braylon Edwards, streaking down the sidelines, the quarterback throws it deep … no one to beat … OH, HE DROPPED IT!  A sure touchdown and it fell right through his hands!”  How many times have we heard that?  Too many.

Too many to think that we can count on this guy to be anything but a complete nuisance.  He’s only a reasonable signing if you have him for the pre-season as Sidney Rice insurance.  Except, the Seahawks have made it perfectly clear that they’re willing to keep Rice encased in bubblewrap for the next six weeks, so what’s the point?

Do we need a slow, over-sized, erstwhile superstar who’s going to wear the number 17 and drop a bunch of passes?  We just had a guy who fit that EXACT description!  And I don’t want to hear how good Edwards looks in practice!  Not a game, not a game, not a game!  Not a game where Edwards will be out on the field dropping sure-catches on third down, single-handedly transforming a once-promising drive into a punting or field goal situation.

Show it to me in real life, Edwards.  Show me in a game situation, when the money’s on the line, that you give two shits about the game of football.  That you’re not some prima donna cashing a paycheck because you wasted all the millions of dollars you’ve accrued over the years.  Don’t show me highlight catches in practice.  Because I don’t want to see it.  Because I’ve seen it all before.  Because it’s totally and completely meaningless.

Right now, I would take every single one of the receivers we have on this roster over Braylon Edwards.  Because I know they’re going to try.  I’d rather watch guys TRY and fail than watch some jackass dog it and still fail.

You know who’s better than Braylon Edwards right now, strictly from a talent standpoint?  Sidney Rice, Doug Baldwin, Golden Tate, Ricardo Lockette, Ben Obomanu, and Deon Butler.  Right now, six guys are better than Braylon Edwards.  NFL teams don’t keep any more than six receivers on a roster.  So, fine, bring him in on a one-year deal as pre-season insurance.  But, when all six of those guys are still healthy come Week 1 of the regular season, you say, “Thanks for everything,” and you kick his ass off the team.

A young, rebuilding franchise doesn’t need a guy like Braylon Edwards unless it has absolutely no other choice.  These Seattle Seahawks are riddled with other choices.

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