Mariners Trade League, Delabar For Player & More Players

Well, I guess we won’t have Brandon League to kick around anymore.

I’m on record as having been a fan of League.  I’m also on record as being sick and tired of League.  Right now.  Right now I’m on the record as having said that.  I also think we hosed ourselves on the League for Morrow trade, so there you go.  Brandon Morrow was drafted over Tim Lincecum, then he was traded for Brandon League and minor leaguer Johermyn Chavez, then League was traded to the Dodgers for minor leaguers Logan Bawcom and Leon Landry.  Will these three guys amount to anything?  Chavez is currently hitting .232 in AA with 8 doubles and 4 homers.  Logan Bawcom is a AA closer who projects to being some sort of middle reliever (kind of like what League was, minus his upside that never really materialized).  And Leon Landry is still playing in single-A ball (i.e. he’s a LONG way away).

So, that’s that.  Moving on.

The more exciting of the two trades is the one we just made for Steve Delabar to the Blue Jays for corner outfielder Eric Thames.  #1 – we picked up Steve Delabar for nothing (he was out of baseball, then made a miraculous comeback).  #2 – Thames is ready to play in the Majors right now, having played a spell for the Blue Jays before being sent down to AAA, where he proceeded to kick a whole mess of ass.  And #3 – Thames means we don’t have to watch Carlos Peguero strike out any more (for now).

I look forward to watching Thames compete for an everyday outfield spot alongside Saunders and Wells (and Guti, whenever he gets healthy again).  I look forward to at least ONE of the other prospects (hopefully not the reliever) hitting it big, helping me to believe in Jackie Z wholeheartedly again.  And, I won’t exactly miss what we gave up in League and Delabar.  League has been as frustrating as a pitcher can be with his ability.  And Delabar was on a permanent shuttle between Seattle and Tacoma, back and forth, with excellent whiff rates but terrible home runs allowed … rates.

The rest of today should be interesting …

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