#22 – Ricardo Lockette

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I’m on record as stating that I think Ricardo Lockette is a lock to make this team.  I think he is most definitely one of the five best wide receivers on this team.  He’s 6’2, he’s fast, he’s athletic, and he’s tough.  Yes, he has a total of 2 career catches as a rookie last season, in the final two games when the Seahawks were totally out of the playoff race.  I have no idea how many plays he was involved with last season, but I have to think you can count the number on a couple of hands.

Nevertheless, by all accounts he’s looking great thus far this offseason.  But, even aside from that, he’s one of, if not THE fastest guy on the team.  This offense needs some explosive playmakers and I think Ricardo is that type of player.

And, not for nothin’, but those two catches last season went for 44 yards and 61 yards and a TD.

If you look at this corps of receivers, Lockette is a big playmaker, Rice – when healthy – is a big playmaker.  Baldwin is nice, but he’s more of a 90-reception possession receiver type of guy.  Golden Tate has the potential to be a big play guy, but he’s three full inches shorter than Lockette, AND he’s arguably not as fast.  Now, Tate might have more explosive moves in the open field, but I guess we’ll see if he can translate in the regular season.

For now, my confidence lies in Lockette.  Let’s hope he has a helluva lot more catches than two this season.

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