#21 – Tarvaris Jackson

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So, Tarvar’s inclusion – as well as his level of importance being this high – is probably a curious one, considering my opinions on the guy.  Yes, I think the Seahawks SHOULD cut him, give Flynn the starting job, and throw Wilson into the fire as our second string quarterback.  That having been said, do I necessarily think the Seahawks WILL cut Tarvar sometime this pre-season?

Ehh, I’m 50/50.  Hawkblogger’s analysis on the matter gets my dick all nice and hard, but I haven’t been to these training camp practices, so I don’t have that benefit.  Once we get into pre-season games (starting a week from tomorrow, against Locker, Hasselbeck, and the Tennessee Titans), maybe I’ll be able to offer more of an informed opinion.  For now, I’ve just got my gut.  And honestly, my gut is telling me the Seahawks will want to play it relatively safe with the veteran backup in Tarvar.

In which case, yes, Tarvar is deserving of this particular ranking.  How often does a starting quarterback play every snap of every game of a whole season?  Like, never.  Pretty much fucking never.  Matt Flynn – if he indeed wins the starting job like I think he will – WILL get injured.  That’s just a reality of the NFL.  So, I’m basing my ranking on the fact that I don’t think Flynn will be lost for the season in Game 1 (which, if he did, would make Tarvar’s importance to this team skyrocket to the top), but I do think it’s likely he will miss a game, or part of a game, because of one nagging thing or another.  And those one or two games might make all the difference between making the playoffs and missing out.

While I’d like for Russell Wilson to grab the bull by the horns and absorb that #2 QB role, I think it’s a lot to ask.  That’s not a knock on his size; that’s a knock on him just being a rookie.  Rookie quarterbacks don’t tend to be worth a damn in their rookie seasons.  Obviously, there are exceptions, and Russell Wilson might be one of those exceptions.  But, if you’re looking at a team with a defense that might be Top 5, then you’re looking at a team that should certainly contend for a playoff spot.  A playoff contending team will be that much better off if it has a veteran quarterback in that #2 role in the event that disaster strikes.  Someone to step right in and your offense won’t miss a beat.  Will it be worse than if Flynn was in there?  Probably.  But, it won’t be SIGNIFICANTLY worse.

Of course, there’s the other part of me that thinks:  Look, this team is most likely not going to be playing for a Super Bowl, regardless.  This team could keep every player on this team as fit as a fiddle and I just think their lack of experience will ultimately be their primary undoing.  In which case, if you go into a season hoping for a best-case scenario of just getting INTO the playoffs, then maybe it’s more important to give Wilson some real-world experience in his rookie season as the #2 guy.  If he gets in there for a game or two, shows the coaching staff some things, then maybe we’ll be looking at another quarterback battle in the summer of 2013 …

What I’m trying to say is:  I wouldn’t be fit to be tied if this team kept Tarvar and made him its #2.  I might start building pipe bombs, though, if he’s this team’s #1.

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