#20 – Walter Thurmond

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Well, given his current injured status, and his uncertain future not only this year but beyond, I’d like to go out on a limb and say that Walter Thurmond is making my point here by being Walter Thurmond.

I don’t know if it’s like this everywhere in the NFL, but ’round these parts it’s fucking RAMPANT.  I’m talking about injuries to the secondary.  I know people like to believe we’re snakebitten along the offensive line, but with Tom Cable at the helm, I’m not as concerned anymore.  I believe in Tom Cable so much, I’m ready to start a cult where we shave our heads, chop our balls off, and drink poison Kool Aid at midnight of the next vernal equinox.

But, our secondary?  That shit’s insane.

Why did the Seahawks lose the Super Bowl?  There are honestly too many reasons to name and I’m not re-opening that fucking wound today; I’ve got better shit to do with my Saturday.  Nevertheless, one of the unheralded reasons was the fact that our secondary was absolutely DECIMATED.  We were pulling guys in off the street!  Third stringers were playing their first-ever game in the Super Bowl; it was nuts.  And it’s BEEN nuts ever since.

And, when you compound the fact that, up until last year, the secondary has arguably been our weakest position, then you’re talking about a position where you’re not only bad, but you have bad depth that you’re relying on all too often to get the job done in big moments.

So, fuck Walter Thurmond.  Instead of “Walter Thurmond” up there, just imagine I’m talking about “Cornerback #3”.  Whoever the guy is behind Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner, who’s not already Marcus Trufant because if it’s not going to be Thurmond, then you know it’s going to be another young guy.  My point in this WHOLE rambling mess is that the Seahawks need depth in their secondary.  Because it’s so fucking fragile for whatever reason.  And because it’s so important if you’re going to have a Top 5 defense.

Yeah, pass rush is critical.  I don’t think anything trumps line play.  But, the guys in the secondary are a very VERY close second.  They’re making plays, getting turnovers, preventing plays, and so on.

I like Walter Thurmond.  I think he has the potential to be one of the best third cornerbacks in the league.  But, he’s got to find a way to get healthy first.  Pete Carroll and John Schneider are building this team up strong.  We’ve got competition going and we’re increasing the quality of our depth with each offsesaon.  They took a gamble on Walter Thurmond, but they don’t have to keep rolling the same dice with him.  They’ve got other guys – big, strong guys – that can step right in and get the job done.

And the Seahawks will need it.  Because no team stays healthy forever.

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