#18 – Robert Turbin

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I’m not positive if this has been tracked in his college career, but I would just like to point out that Robert “Guns” Turbin should NEVER fumble the football.  Ever.

At the cost of a 4th round draft pick – #106 overall – the Seahawks were able to draft a back who has one of the faster 40-yard dash times (4.50, with the best running back at the combine posting a 4.40 time) AND the running back who posted the most bench press reps at the NFL Combine.  Everyone sees this guy as another bruiser in the Marshawn Lynch mold, but by all accounts he’s got the quicks and lean lower-body to make people miss and to break away from the pack for long touchdowns.

Over time, I’ve come around on the issue on Running Backs.  I don’t think they should be drafted in the first round.  They need to be very special to even be taken in the second round.  But, I also don’t think you have to get them in the seventh round or pluck them from the ranks of the undrafted.  At a fourth round value, you’re still getting a back with enough ability to be an impact player in this league, while not reaching for something in an earlier round where you can get a better guy at a more important position (like either of the lines, or the QB position).

The Seahawks have been pretty thin at running back in recent years.  I mean that literally.  Justin Forsett has been our primary backup (and sometimes our starter), and while he was a nice story and a decent scat-back, he’s not the type of guy you want to rely on if your starter goes down.  Leon Washington essentially played the same role for us, but he also returned kicks.  Therefore, he had more value and received the contract extension.  Leon made Forsett expendable.  And thereby opened up a position of need for this 2012 Seahawks team.

I think they filled the spot beautifully in Turbin.  Granted, I have yet to see him play, but I think he’s going to be special.  Beastmode is obviously Beastmode and I’ll gladly root him on for the life of his contract.  But, it’ll be interesting to see what Turbin is able to bring to this team in a part-time role.  Once he gets the ins and outs of the zone blocking, one-cut rushing scheme, I think he’s going to be marvelous.

If nothing else, Guns Turbin will be exciting to watch in the pre-season.

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