#16 – Kam Chancellor

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A Pro Bowl safety in his second full season, his first full season as a starter.  One of two Pro Bowl safeties on this team.  And one of three Pro Bowl players in this team’s secondary.  This is the reason why I believe the Seahawks are no stronger at any position (or group of positions) than they are in their secondary.

Kam Chancellor (who really needs a good nickname at this point), was third on the Seahawks last season in tackles with 97.  That two of their top three players in tackles were both safeties kind of says something about this defense.  On the downside, you could say that they’re weak at linebacker (especially considering the team’s leading tackler – David Hawthorne – is gone).  On the upside, you could say that this team was so good at stopping the run that most teams predominantly threw against us.  I think you know by now, I like to focus on the positives on this site, so let’s go with the latter explanation.

Chancellor was tied for second on the team in interceptions last season with four.  Earl Thomas could only muster two.  He also had 13 passes defended to Thomas’ 7, and 3 forced fumbles to Thomas’ 1.  You might think me an idiot, therefore, to rank Chancellor at #16 while Thomas is ranked #5.  After all, Chancellor is a fifth round pick who has been out-performing a highly-touted first rounder!

I will counter that by first saying, yes, I like Kam Chancellor.  He is one of the many, MANY reasons why I have so much faith in Pete Carroll and John Schneider.  The fact that they are able to get the kind of production out of guys like Chancellor, Sherman, Browner, Wright, Baldwin – all guys either drafted late or completely undrafted – leads me to believe that they know more than the average bear head coach/GM duo.  I think Chancellor was very deserving of going to the Pro Bowl last year (even if he was in via being an alternate).  But, that having been said, Earl Thomas has the higher upside.  And I think this is the year Earl Thomas goes from being just a good Pro Bowl safety to being the next Ed Reed.

As for Kam Chancellor, I just want him to continue being Kam Chancellor.  A hard-hitting, opportunistic strong safety who solidifies our secondary as one of the best in all of football.  And, hopefully, one of the best All Time.

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