#14 – Jason Jones

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I’ll admit, I let this signing go by without much commentary.  After all, the guy plays defensive tackle.  There are literally … other more interesting positions to discuss.  And, not for nothing, but Jason Jones to date has been seen as kind of a disappointment.  2nd round draft pick back in 2008 by the Titans, Jones has a career high of only 5 sacks.  For a defensive tackle, you’d think, “Not bad.”  But, he’s a defensive tackle whose specialty is SUPPOSED to be getting sacks.  What does 5 sacks out of your defensive tackle get you?  Not bloody much.

Jones is on a one-year contract thanks to his sub-par career to date (where he has regressed each and every season:  5 sacks in 2008, 4 sacks in 2009, 3.5 sacks in 2010, 3 sacks in 2011).  The Seahawks are hoping to turn his career around, much like they turned around the career of one Chris Clemons.  Save a player from an organization using him improperly, give him the chance to succeed and let him prove his worth.  If Jones turns out to be the next Chris Clemons, we could be on to something.

There’s a lot to like about his size.  6’5, 276 pounds.  That, plus speed, at the DT position will give us something we haven’t seen around here since Rocky Bernard.  And before that, for a brief period, John Randle.

It’s no question this team needed to improve its pass rush.  For too long, this defense has been eaten alive by opposing quarterbacks able to roast marshmallows in the pocket while waiting for receivers to get open.  Chris Clemons can’t do it all!  And you’re obviously not going to get a whole lot out of Red Bryant except for what is expected (which is to keep the edge, stop the run, and take up a whole lotta space on one end).  This defense needs to be able to get off the field on 3rd down.  Beefing up our nickel package is a good start.  Guys like Jones, like Irvin, will hopefully be the lynchpins for our success this season.

I’ve been hearing a lot of good things in camp about Jones.  So, make #90 a priority to watch this weekend (and the next three weeks thereafter).  Could this be another Pete & John Diamond In The Rough?  Could we be looking at the next Seahawk who is due for a big payday next offseason?  Bet on it.

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