Seahawks vs. Titans, Pregame

I am irrationally excited about this game tonight.  You’re not supposed to look THIS forward to a pre-season game.  But, this game has it all!  Jake Locker, Matt Flynn, Matt Hasselbeck, Russell Wilson.  And, most importantly, no Tarvar!

You know who I’m most looking forward to seeing?  Bruce Irvin.  All I’ve been hearing about is how fast this kid is; if he comes out in his first pre-season game and throws down a couple sacks, I may just lose my shit.  If there was ever going to be a current Seahawks jersey I was going to buy, it just might be a rookie defensive end who gets a billion sacks.

Other than that, I’m going to have all eyes on our wide receivers.  It doesn’t sound like T.O. is going to play.  I heard Lockette and Baldwin might be out too.  And, of course, Sidney Rice won’t be anywhere NEAR this field.  So, this is the time for Obomanu, Butler, Tate, Durham, Edwards, and all those undrafted guys to get a crack at possibly making this team.  Jobs could be on the line!  When do you ever say that about a first pre-season game?

The Bud Light is going to be flowing like wine at the Taylor household tonight.  Look for me blowing Twitter’s shit up starting at 7pm Pacific.

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