Taking A Quick Look At The Seahawks’ Schedule

I’ll have a more in-depth analysis probably the week before the regular season, but for now I was just poking around a little bit.

I think a lot of national media types are writing off this season for the Seahawks due almost exclusively to the strength of schedule.  There are a couple things wrong with that.  First:  teams who were good last season won’t necessarily be good THIS season.  I mean, you read about the stories every year, about how much turnover we have from one batch of playoff teams to the next.  What’s the carryover, like 40%?  Less?  So, just because we play Green Bay, Dallas, New England, and Detroit, it doesn’t mean we’re doomed in those games just because they were better than us last season!

Second:  I don’t think the national media is giving us enough credit, especially at home.

Yeah, the Seahawks play a lot of difficult home games this season, but you also forget that the Seahawks are fucking amazing at home!  That having been said, the Seahawks will probably lose two games at home this season.  That having been said, the Seahawks will probably still have a chance to win 10 games overall.

Want to know the key to the whole season?  It’s beating Arizona in week 1.  I don’t care how we do it, but we HAVE to do it!  They’re in disarray right now with their quarterback spot, so what better time to eliminate the confidence of the winner of this battle?  We have to pounce on them before they’re able to get comfortable and start winning some games!  I don’t think Arizona will be terrible, but I do think they’re the most likely team to be mediocre in the division.  Pouncing on them early will be key.

The next two games are at home, against Dallas and Green Bay.  Seattle is going to have to win one of these two games and I think they will.  Most likely Dallas, but don’t sleep on Seattle in a Monday night game against Green Bay.  They’re NOT unbeatable!  We just might have the cornerbacks to take them out of their game.

After that, we’ve got two road games, in St. Louis & Carolina.  Again, gotta win 1 of 2.  Preferably the divisional game, in the event of tiebreakers.

That puts us at 3-2 where we come back home to play New England.  Now, obviously, would I be thrilled if we were something like 4-1?  Of course!  Because, in the end, we have to find some way to be 5-5 going into the BYE week in November.  After the 2-game road trip, we come home and face the Patriots.  On paper, you chock that up as a loss, because New England is one of the most complete teams in the NFL.  Then, we’ve got two road games, in San Francisco and Detroit.  On paper, you chock these up as losses as well.

At this point, with a 3-game losing streak, you’re close to writing this team off.  Fortunately, we come home to face the likes of the Vikings and the Jets.  We can BEAT the Vikings and the Jets and we can GET to 5-5!

Once we’re at 5-5, it’s going to take a hot streak.  We go to Miami and Chicago; we’ve got to win 1 of 2.  That puts us at 6-6.  After that, it’s home for Arizona, at Buffalo, then home for San Francisco and St. Louis to close the season out.  I think we can win all four of those games.  The toughest will be the 49ers, but I think we can beat them on our turf.

10-6 should get us into the playoffs.  Don’t give up hope in the first half if the Seahawks happen to start out with a losing record.  There’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

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