Seahawks @ Broncos, Pregame

Last week, I was bouncing off the walls.  So many things to see and do and have done to me … and then the Seahawks and Titans came out, shuffled around for a while, and for the most part failed to impress.

Matt Flynn couldn’t get anything going – at least, nothing beyond 14 yards.  Russell Wilson excited, but it was also against a third-string defense.  Bruce Irvin didn’t do much of anything.  Our receivers were all M.I.A.  In the end, what did we have to hang our hats on?  Flynn converting a couple third downs on one drive and a nifty Braylon Edwards touchdown.

With that as a frame of reference, it would be understandable to have tempered expectations this time out.  But, it’s never the same.  It’s never the way you THINK it’s gonna be.

Seattle fans are truly blessed this pre-season.  Our first opponent had Hasselbeck & Locker; our second opponent has Peyton Manning.  Most people struggle to maintain a sense of interest in the pre-season, but with these first two games you don’t even have to fake it!  Even if I were anti pre-season, I’d still be riveted by these matchups.

Obviously, quarterback is still going to be a primary focus.  Matt Flynn gets the second consecutive start, which means he’s most likely going to be the starter going forward.  I’m looking forward to seeing him not get hurt, so this team can feel confident in releasing Tarvar.  Beyond that, I’m looking for Flynn to stretch the defense a little bit, even if it’s just an attempt that sails incomplete.

Beyond that, I’m looking forward to seeing what T.O. can do.  I’m like every other football fan in America, I like a good trainwreck.  Of course, it’s disturbing when it’s happening so close to home, but still.  What if T.O. comes out and looks like the T.O. of five years ago?  I’m not saying it’s likely, but it would certainly be one helluva story.

I’m also pretty excited to see some advanced pass rush.  Furthermore, I wouldn’t mind seeing Peyton Manning on his ass once or twice.  Not that I WANT the guy to be injured – lord knows the NFL still needs interesting players on interesting teams – but people would sure as shit be talking about our defense if we put the hurt on one of the game’s marquee players.

Fuck it, I don’t know, I’m done.  Gametime 6pm.

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