Pre-Season Analysis 2012: Seahawks @ Broncos

Jesus, I really tore one on last night; I’m not sure this headache I have remembers much of anything about the game.  But, let’s try our damnedest anyway.

So, I don’t know if this was the offensive coordinator and the head coach telling Matt Flynn, “We want you to get T.O. involved as much as possible so we can see if he’s still got it,” or if this was more a function of Flynn feeling pressure to get T.O. the ball as much as possible because he’s T.O., but either way, last night’s performance was a ripped, muscley fucking failure.

I know there were five passes thrown T.O.’s way, and I know all five clanged to the ground incomplete.  At least two of those balls were pressure situations where T.O. didn’t even bother to look back at Flynn to cut his route short.  That’s a wide receiver’s responsibility and T.O. knows that.  For whatever reason, they just weren’t on the same page.  Part of that has to do with the fact that they’ve had, what, six total practices together?  Less?  Anyway, that’s timing shit that can be worked out.  But, with this team, you don’t want to be giving away games early because the QB and T.O. aren’t in sync.  That shit needs to be fixed by next fucking week, or T.O. needs to be gone.

Yes, I want to see T.O. play and start one more game.  Even in spite of the dropped sure-thing touchdown.  Oh, my, GOD.  YOU CAN’T DROP THAT TOUCHDOWN!  YOU ARE FIGHTING FOR YOUR NFL LIFE!  People already don’t like you because you’re a huge pain in everyone’s ass, a loudmouth, and a whiney little bitch when you don’t get the ball thrown your way enough.  YOU MUST CATCH THE BALLS THAT DO COME YOUR WAY!  People put up with a lot of bullshit out of their superstars, so long as their superstars are producing at a superstar level.  There’s no point whatsoever in dealing with the headache (hangover jokes!) if you’re going to be dropping touchdowns and making our starting quarterback look like a dick.

And Matt Flynn sure looked like a dick.  6 for 13, 31 measly fucking yards.  Of course, the total yardage would have been more than doubled had T.O. just held onto that one pass.  Think about THAT!  Think about how your whole complexion of this game changes if T.O. only hangs onto that one ball.  Because, you can’t deny the fact that the guy can still get open.  He can still get behind defenders.  The Broncos have a good defense, and they almost let one get by them for a breathtaking score.

We sure as shit would’ve gone into next week believing that T.O. has already won a spot on this team, rather than him having one more chance before he’s history.

On the flipside, Russell Wilson looked absolutely electric.  Of course.  Because that’s what we need.  Every time Matt Flynn throws an incomplete pass on third down, we can have every knucklehead in Seattle chanting Wilson’s name.

The more I think about this, the more I just want Russell Wilson to be our backup and NOT get a chance to start next week’s game.  Not because I think he’ll be bad, but because I fear he’ll be GOOD.

People like to dismiss any stats you see in the second halves of pre-season games as irrelevant and they would be correct.  Just look at the quality of your opponent; of COURSE Russell Wilson is going to shred Denver’s backups and third stringers!  But, I would like to point out that the first halves – featuring the other team’s starters – are just as irrelevant, for different reasons.

Teams don’t gameplan for pre-season games.  They don’t watch tape on the other team, they don’t build defenses around what they saw on that tape they didn’t watch.  And, since the games don’t mean a thing, they don’t want to give away any of their secrets.  You’re not going to see an offense’s go-to plays in the red zone.  You’re not going to see a bunch of blitz packages on defense.  It’s basically your vanilla defense against our vanilla offense, and may the most-talented team win.  Scheme can make up for a lack of talent, but since no one is scheming in the pre-season, talent will always trump.

Kansas City – our opponent next Friday – doesn’t strike me as a particularly talented group of football players.  And, since I’ve already established they’re not going to try a bunch of crazy shit on defense against us, I would assume Seattle’s starters will look pretty good by comparison.  Regardless of whether Flynn or Wilson is starting.  That being the case, I would hate for Wilson to start, look great, be handed the starting job, and then be in way over his head come Week 1 of the regular season when Arizona will be throwing the kitchen sink at us.

At this point, I just want Flynn to play as much as possible.  He obviously needs to work on timing issues with wide receivers and develop a better rapport with them when shit breaks down.  Because shit is GOING to break down with this offense.

I thought the running game looked amazing last night.  Beastmode is already in mid-season form with the ball in his hands.  Of course, as far as blocking is concerned, he’s still in pre-season form, so that needs to be fixed.  Anyway, I thought the pass-protection left a lot to be desired.  Denver was getting push way too easily; Flynn would be back in the third step of his drop and the pocket would completely cave in on itself.

Meanwhile, Peyton Manning had enough time to forge a fucking Hattori Hanzo sword behind his offensive line.  I fully expect this year’s pass rush to be improved over last year’s, but I’m thinking it’s going to take about 4-8 weeks for it to gel.  Bruce Irvin won’t be the defensive rookie of the year, I’m sorry to say.  I think he’ll get better, once he has his feet wet and learns some tricks of the trade, but I think he’s going to start the season as a ghost and only work his way up to respectability by season’s end.

And, seriously, special teams?  Particularly, special teams blocking?  Can we PLEASE AND THANK YOU get our shit together?!  Jon “MVP” Ryan is going to need a little more than 0.001 seconds to punt a fucking football, okay?

On the other end of things, before I go, part of me is really glad the Seahawks didn’t land Peyton Manning.  He looked old, slow, and considerably weaker in the arm department.  That having been said, A. he was going against a very tough and aggressive Seahawks’ defense (let’s start giving ourselves some more credit, huh?), and B. yesterday was his first extended play in over a year.  Believe-you-me, Peyton Manning is going to get better as the season goes along (if his head isn’t snapped off of his body, I mean) and he will do enough things to make you remember, “Oh yeah, he’s a really good football player.”

Of course, I’m even MORE happy that the Seahawks didn’t go after Brock Osweiler (as were the rumors before the draft).  Just because a guy is tall doesn’t mean he’s going to be a good QB.  He was terrible at Arizona State and he’s going to be NOTHING in the NFL.

I would take Russell Wilson every day of the week.  Of course, I still want him to be the team’s backup this season.  There’s no point in rushing him along when this team is good and doesn’t necessarily need to hit the panic button at quarterback just yet.

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