#7 – Doug Baldwin

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I’m on record as believing that Doug Baldwin could be quite the fantasy football sleeper this season.  My rationale was sound!  The guy – as an undrafted rookie – was easily the best receiver on this football team last season.  He caught 51 balls for 788 yards and 4 TDs.  He’s smart, he’s quick, he’s got good hands, he has the ability to get open; on talent alone, he should be able to put up the kind of season where he catches 90+ balls for 1,100+ yards and 8 or 9 TDs.

That’s one.

My second point of emphasis has to do with the receivers around him.  Those receivers?  They’re a bunch of fucking jokes!  Golden Tate seemingly has all of the ability in the world to be a top-flight receiver, but for whatever reason hasn’t figured it the fuck out and probably never will.  2012 is do-or-die for him and I would expect to see him off the team by Week 1 of 2013 if he doesn’t get his shit together.

Sidney Rice is SUPPOSED to be our Number 1 receiver, but you know as well as I that counting on him to stay healthy for a full is an exercise in whiskey-dick masturbation.

Ricardo Lockette, listed previously in my Top 30, has fallen off the face of the Earth since the organization went out and brought in some hired goons to compete for his job.  Of course, it would help if he could stay healthy too …

Ben Obomanu is the cockroach of this group; the organization keeps dropping nuclear bombs all around him but he just won’t die!  It helps that he plays Special Teams, making him a valuable dual-threat.  Unfortunately, the “wide receiver” part of that dual-threat isn’t all that exciting.  Obo isn’t taking too many passes away from someone like Baldwin, let’s put it that way.

And, of course, Obo’s job is in jeopardy thanks to guys like T.O. and Braylon Edwards.  Both are considerably older than Doug Baldwin and at this point in their respective careers, neither are even CLOSE to Baldwin’s level.

Doug Baldwin is the best receiver on this team.  Stop.  Not only is he the best receiver, but he’s probably the best player on this team that no one is talking about!  He’s almost an afterthought even though he was clearly fantastic as a rookie last year!  Yeah, I understand the cachet that comes with a guy like T.O.  But, you need to start looking at what you have right here in Baldwin!

Of course, like Lockette and Rice, Baldwin has been hampered by injuries this pre-season.  Pete Carroll doesn’t seem to be too concerned, but considering he hasn’t played to date and likely won’t play again this Friday, I’d say there’s cause for pause.  If Doug Baldwin loses this season to injury, I’d say kiss this passing game goodbye.  At that point, you might as well start Russell Wilson, because you’re going to need a quarterback who can run since he won’t have anyone worth a damn to throw to.

But, if Doug Baldwin proves he’s ready by week 1, he wouldn’t be a bad late-round draft pick on your fantasy team.  Stash him on your bench if you want, but I bet you end up starting him more often than not.  And I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you do.

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