Seahawks Release T.O.

I hope you didn’t get all super-excited by Owens’ signing here and go out and buy a #10 jersey or anything.  Unless you’re old-school and really dig on Jim Zorn, because SURPRISE!  Owens is no more.

I think the first feeling I experienced when I noticed this had happened was relief.  Just good ol’ fashioned relief.  I don’t need the circus, I don’t want the circus, I don’t want to wait for “the other shoe to drop” with regards to Owens’ behavior.  I’m just over it.  I’m over it!

That having been said, if Owens stepped into that jersey and pulled a Superman act, catching everything in sight and really wowing us with his high-level of play, I have to admit I’d still be intrigued to see how far he can go at his age.

But, he dropped that touchdown.  Those other plays back in Denver where he was off on his timing with Flynn, that could be unnecessary nit-picking on my part.  But, the TD, that was all T.O.  I’m not crazy enough to think that one drop will get a guy like T.O. cut from a team, but essentially that’s what I’m saying.  If T.O. had caught that ball, that is ALL anyone would have been talking about after the Denver game.  If T.O. had caught that ball, then we’d be talking about two 40+ yard receptions in back-to-back games.  He’d be near the top among all reception yardage for this team (and, mind you, he didn’t play in the first game).  All of THAT, while being 38 years old and after having missed the whole last year.  No way T.O. would have been released.  They, at the very least, would have given T.O. the game against the Raiders before making what would have to be an agonizing decision (especially if he put up a quality show against the Raiders as well).

But, with that drop in Denver, the writing was on the wall.  This was a cut of circumstance as much as it was performance.  Part of me thinks, if the NFL had made teams cut down their rosters to 75 BEFORE the KC game, we would have seen the last of Owens.  He’s a product of bad timing.  But, in a sense, it’s also good for him.

Think of it this way:  T.O. came in, assimilated quickly among the players (as evidenced by how hard they rooted for him to get his first catch, and how hard they cheered when he did), put his head down, worked hard, and did everything Pete Carroll asked of him.  He had a couple drops in his first real live action in over a year, so it’s hard to fault him too much on that.  Then, he came back in the second game and after ANOTHER drop, made one of the finest catches I’ve ever seen.  He can still run, he can still get open, and when he’s focused, he can still make eye-opening catches.  I know it’s late, but T.O. still has time to be picked up by another team.

Hell, I like the guy!  I’m rooting for him to make it in the league.  I just don’t really care to see him on my team.  I don’t have anything against him personally, I just think that he doesn’t really have a future in this league given his age, and I’d rather hang on to some of our younger guys in hopes that one might blossom one day into the next T.O. (minus the headaches).  After all, T.O. wasn’t always T.O.  Before he was T.O., he was Terrell, a rookie drafted in the third round out of Tennessee-Chattanooga playing in the long, dark shadow of Jerry Rice.  I can’t imagine anyone thinking he would turn into the monster he became.  So, who’s to say the Seahawks don’t have one of those guys right now?

Aside from that, since it looks more and more like Braylon Edwards is a definite lock to make this team (after another surreal catch against the Chiefs), the last thing I wanted to see was two veterans hogging roster spots even though it’s unlikely either one will be on this team beyond this season.

For a little bit, I was worried T.O. would be Sidney Rice Insurance, and that we might actually entertain the notion of cutting Rice before the season starts.  Glad I don’t have to worry about THAT anymore (my 30 Most Important Seahawks series would be destroyed)!

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