I’m Getting A Little Moist

Great blog post from Danny O’Neil.  I especially liked this, discussing the TD pass to Kellen Winslow from Russell Wilson:

“We were going no-huddle,” Wilson said. “But I recognized that they weren’t matched up right. I just kind of snuck up to the line real quick and called for the snap really quickly. Kellen, obviously, knew he was going to open so I just got him the ball quickly. Kellen is such a tremendous football player, he’s got so much knowledge, we saw the same thing at the exact same time. So I kind of just snuck up to the line and just hurried it up a little bit.”

Yes, that’s a rookie quarterback looking at the defense and recognizing a hole in it at the exact same time as one of the most productive receiving tight ends in this generation of NFL players. Not only that, but Wilson proceeded to take advantage of that mistake in coverage before the defense reacted to it because for all the physical demands that are placed upon the quarterback, there is a mental component to the game, too. The position demands an ability to read and react to what the defense is trying to do or in this case failing to do.

I can’t help but feel we have someone really special in our midst …

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