#4 – Russell Okung

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Essentially, this is a post discussing the importance of the entire offensive line.  But, since the most important player on the line is the left tackle – and since the best offensive lineman we have is Okung – I chose our big first round stud drafted 8 spots ahead of our defensive stud Earl Thomas.

The 2010 draft might go down as the best the Seahawks have ever had.  Okung and Earl Thomas in the first round.  Golden Tate (if he ever gets his shit together) in the second, Walter Thurmond (if he can ever stay healthy) in the fourth, Kam Chancellor in the fifth, and if Anthony McCoy (6th round) has a breakout year like I think he can as our third tight end, then you’re looking at one whale of a class!  Three bona fide starters and three reserves who could possibly play their way into starting roles in the next year or two.

I like Earl Thomas as much as the next guy, but the real prize of this draft class has to be Okung.  Which is why it’s such a fucking shame he has had to prematurely end each of his first two seasons with injuries.  This guy, if he can figure out a way to not be so unlucky, is going to be an anchor on our line for the next decade, guaranteed.

By the way, have you seen some of the holes we’ve been clearing on the left side for our running backs this pre-season?  Yeah, get used to the sight of that.  Remember how Shaun Alexander would always run off the left side if we needed a big first down or a score on the goalline?  It’s going to be just like that all over again.

I’m not saying Russell Okung is going to be the next Walter Jones, but then again I don’t think anyone is going to be the next Walter Jones.  That guy was a freak of nature, hands down.  But, if Okung’s body isn’t ravaged by injuries, I think he can approach Walter Jones.  Taking into account his overall talent, his size and length (6’5, 310 lbs), and what he’s already learned from the best O-Line coach in the game in Tom Cable, it’s not crazy to think Okung will be a Pro Bowler this season.

He’s got to be.  I’m saying it now.  If we lose Okung again to major injury, I swear to Christ it’s time to think about drafting someone else who will carry a rabbit’s foot or something, because this shit is ridic.  Tom Cable isn’t going to be here forever!  It would be nice to get some continuity going before he leaves us for greener pastures.

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