#6 – Red Bryant

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So, Red Bryant.  Remember how bad this defense became when Red Bryant was injured in our 7th game in Oakland in 2010?  I can pretty much stop this post right here and you’d understand why Red Bryant is so important to this team.  But, I’m going to keep going for the sake of my word count and sanity.

There is no one quite like Red Bryant.  Surely, there’s no one on the SEAHAWKS quite like Red Bryant, and that’s what makes him so special.  You know how they say when you’re at your job you should make yourself indispensable so you will never be fired?  Red Bryant is that guy.  No one else can do what Red Bryant does.

No, he doesn’t get to the quarterback – he has one sack each in the last two seasons – but he’s not supposed to get to the quarterback.  He’s like a defensive tackle that goes on to infinity.  You know how a DT is supposed to wedge his way into the middle of a line and take up space and/or blockers?  Red Bryant does that, only he does it on the END of a line, which means he is the lone reason why running backs can’t bump it outside.  Don’t run the ball at Red Bryant!  He’s going to ensure you get no gain and then he’s going to talk a bunch of shit in your face while you’re getting up from the turf!

Now, if Red Bryant did somehow figure out a way to better rush the quarterback, he would instantly be the best defensive lineman in the game.  But, either way, I like him the way he is.  He contains the run, he pushes the pocket back in on the quarterback, he’s big and tall with long arms to knock down a pass once it’s thrown, and he can even dip back into coverage a little bit on various zone blitz type things.

And, speaking of knocking down balls, how many field goals and extra points did he block last year?  I’m not gonna lie to you, anything more than 1 takes us from fluke to unstoppable killing machine.  I know for a fact he had at least three blocks in that miserable Cleveland game alone!

Red Bryant is the man.  I have a soft spot for the big dudes on the D-Line, dating back to Cortez Kennedy.  Like I was saying, if Bryant could get like 6 or 7 sacks in a season, he would be right up there in my book with Tez.  And that’s saying a lot, more than you know.

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