#2 – Sidney Rice

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A couple weeks ago I was scurr’d.  I thought I’d made a mockery of the whole idea of sports-related lists by putting Sidney Rice #2 in my Most Important Seahawks countdown.  With the advent of T.O., Braylon Edwards, all the young guns on our roster, and considering Rice had yet to play a down in practice, let alone an actual pre-season game, I was honestly considering the possibility that Pete Carroll might do something drastic and crazy like cutting Sidney Rice.  It’s not like Pete Carroll has never done anything crazy before; just look at who we’ve got at quarterback in week 1!  Who saw that coming just two weeks ago?

Then, T.O. dropped all those passes, some of the young guns came down with nagging injuries preventing them from playing, and the coaches felt it was time to let Rice get hit by real live football players again.  He played last week, looked pretty good, and here we are, with our #2 most important Seahawk.

I think, without question, wide receiver is our weakest position.  Hands down!  We’re slow, we can’t get open, we can’t get separation, guys keep dropping shit.  It’s just a mess.  And NOW we’ve got a rookie quarterback!  So, the rest of this offense is really going to have to pick up the load as Wilson gets used to seeing different types of defenses and experiencing the type of NFL speed he rarely, if ever, saw in college.

Sidney Rice is by far the most talented receiver on this team.  Does that mean he’s the best?  Well, if he can stay healthy, then yes, by all means.  With Rice on one side, Edwards on the other, and Baldwin as our #3, I might even let myself get a little over-confident.  But, with Rice on the sideline with some injury, our overall group of receivers takes a HUGE hit.

Edwards is nice, and these leaping grabs over defenders are really amazing to watch, but I don’t want him anywhere near being our primary receiver.  He’s a nice second option, when we want to take a shot down the field or something.  But, too much of Braylon Edwards will surely be a bad thing for this offense.

Sidney Rice, now there’s the answer.  I want Rice all day, all night, and all day.

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