#3 – Marshawn Lynch

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Ha! What the fuck you boys talkin’ ’bout?
I know it’s us ’cause we the only thing to talk about

Does anyone else who’s a Seahawks fan get irrationally angry whenever anyone refers to any other athlete (especially another football player) as “Beastmode” or as “going beastmode”?  Marshawn Lynch may have been the first (but probably wasn’t) to coin the phrase “beastmode” when referring to himself and his running style, but I honestly don’t think that title fits any other player, living or dead, better than it does Lynch.

Essentially, unless you have a play on your resume as badass as this, then you have no claim to the rights of “Beastmode” or any variation thereof.

So, shit, what HAPPENED last year?  Well, our offensive line stunk in the first half, which means that Beastmode stunk in the first half.  “Stunk” is a relative term, though.  He wasn’t nearly as good as he was in the second half, but he was much better than just about every other running back we’ve ever seen, because even when he was getting hardly any yards, he was still turning losses into gains, dragging defenders across the line of scrimmage after they hit him in the backfield.

Then, our offensive line improved, and Lynch’s numbers improved.  Then, our offensive line got injured, but Lynch’s numbers continued to improve.  Then, he had a 100-yard rushing day against the 49ers and scored the only rushing TD against them.  Then, the season ended and lo and behold Beastmode had over 1,200 yards on the ground.  He had a streak of 11 straight games with at least 1 TD scored.  Pretty much, from November onward, he was the best running back in the league, he endeared himself to Seahawks fans even moreso than in that Saints playoff game, and he got a nice contract extension in the offseason.

Was all of that related?  Was this a situation where a guy was in his contract year and decided to step up his game?

Normally, I’m Mr. Cynical in cases like this, but with Beastmode I don’t think so.  First and foremost, he’s been running the way he’s been running since at least the day the Seahawks traded for him.  My guess is, this is Lynch.  This is who he is and this is how he runs.  Hard.  Bruising.  Punishing.  Also, you have to take into account the fact that his first team pretty much gave up on him.  First, they replaced him with Fred Jackson, then they went out and signed C.J. Spiller.  They made a guy who was obviously a star and relegated him to third string status.  Beastmode isn’t a goalline back, he’s an every-down back!  One of the last of his kind, if I may be so bold.  And, with Buffalo giving up on him, that means he has a chip on his shoulder to prove to that team – and every other team who didn’t jump at the opportunity to play him – that he’s one of the best backs in this league.  With every aggressive tackle broken, Lynch is one step closer to shoving it down the league’s throat.  How DARE you doubt Beastmode???

With Seattle, he has a home.  He has a coaching staff whose confidence in him is sky-high.  He has the love of millions of fans in the Pacific Northwest.  He has an offensive line that’s young and hungry and still getting better.  And they’re being coached by the best in the game.  This is the perfect scenario.  This year is the perfect time.  He’s the man.  He’s got a rookie quarterback, so you know Beastmode is going to have to shoulder a lot more of the load.  This offense is going to be as good as its ground game carries it.  Beastmode, therefore, is going to have to take this team on his back and lead it to victory.

I foresee nothing but good things out of Beastmode.  I think 1,500 yards isn’t insane.  I think being in the conversation for NFC MVP isn’t out of the question.  I think whoever had the foresight to keep this guy on his fantasy team going into this season will be pleasantly surprised by just how elite he really is.  All predictions right or your money back!

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