Pre-Season Analysis 2012: Seahawks vs. Raiders

There’s going to be a lot of warnings today.  REMEMBER 2009!

Yes, the Seahawks were 4-0 in the pre-season in 2009.  Yes, the Seahawks were 5-11 in 2009.  Yes, bad teams can be perfect in the pre-season and then go on to stumble in the regular season.  Yes, good teams can go 0-4 and end up winning the Super Bowl.

A 4-0 pre-season is nothing to hang your hat on, believe me, I get it.  But, I don’t think this is your run-of-the-mill 4-0 pre-season.

I think it’s funny that anti-Seahawks fans can only point out that we essentially over-paid for a backup quarterback.  Really?  That’s all you got to make fun of us for?  I know you’re big Pete Carroll haters, SURELY you can come up with something better than that!

Yes, Matt Flynn is making whatever he’s making, and yes that’s a lot for a backup quarterback.  But, it’s peanuts for a starting quarterback!  No one would be saying a got-damn word about his salary if he were starting.  And, make no mistake, he’s good enough TO be starting.  In this case, he was just out-played by someone with a higher ceiling.  It happens.  If you take their combined salaries, the Seahawks really aren’t paying their quarterbacks all that much compared to the rest of the league.

I’m getting off track from my bigger point here, which is that this team isn’t quite flawless, but it’s damn near.

I’m not totally sold on any of the quarterbacks we have on our roster, but that’s just because I’ve yet to see them play in the regular season.  I would feel the same sense of unease regardless of who we brought in; until they do it in a Seahawks uniform, there’s no feeling of comfort.  But, that doesn’t mean I don’t have faith.  I think Russell Wilson can be a great – even an elite – quarterback.  And he’s got to start somewhere.  Might as well be as a rookie.  Might as well get the growing pains out of the way early.

This post is starting to quickly turn into a Regular Season Preview, so let me stop any and all analysis of that kind here and take a step back.

The Seahawks killed this pre-season.  They killed it because they’re deep at just about every position, except wide receiver I guess.  And, this 4-0 isn’t like the last 4-0 we saw ’round these parts, because that 4-0 was largely won in the second halves of games, by reserves who wouldn’t see the light of day in the regular season.  THIS pre-season saw dominance in all quarters, by all players, and that’s encouraging.

The Raiders, yesterday, never stood a chance.  They may not stand a chance in the regular season, but let’s face it, last night they ran into a buzzsaw.  This defense has been ready for primetime since the moment they stepped onto a training camp field.  This defense is legit.  And with Arizona having QB troubles, and with Arizona having offensive line troubles, and with Arizona having only one good receiver … they’re just asking for a beatdown.  I think we can leave the offense at home in week 1 and still come away with a W.

But, that’s me getting ahead of myself again.

Can you blame me?

I thought Flynn looked okay, but again he didn’t really wow anyone, and that’s why he’s not starting in week 1.  I’m not going to say that he’s the white second-coming of Tarvar, because I still think he’s a better decision-maker.  I think if we had this Flynn on our team last year starting games, we would’ve had a winning record and an outside shot at the playoffs.  But, you can clearly see the difference between him and Wilson.  I’ll get more into this a little later, but let’s just say Flynn looks like he’s afraid to make a mistake, while Wilson is damn near fearless.

I thought all of our running backs looked good, but then again, I always think that because Tom Cable.

I thought the receivers didn’t really do much to save themselves, and I have an itching suspicion that Obomanu, Lockette, and Butler have all played their final games as Seahawks.  I could easily see the receivers shaking out like this:  Rice, Edwards, Baldwin, Tate, and Charly Martin.  Yeah, five, not six.  Because there are so many good tight ends on this roster, I think you consider Kellen Winslow as a sixth receiver in a sense.

Winslow and Miller are locks.  McCoy has had a strong pre-season.  And Sean McGrath and Cooper Helfet have both made cases for their remaining on this team.  This might be the strongest position on the entire offense (and one that no one is talking about).

As for everything else, ahh fuck it, it’s pre-season.  And pre-season is over (FINALLY).  Bring on the games!  I wish to be entertained, feeble peasants!

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