Huskies Beat Seemingly Tough San Diego State

I don’t know the Aztecs from Adam, but I know what I saw today from yesterday’s game (DVR), and what I saw was a stout, tough team.

For the first quarter, the Husky offense looked like the best offense in the nation.  With every blitz the Aztecs dialed up, the Huskies had a perfect counter to keep moving the ball and moving the chains.  The Husky defense got a turnover (a gift, really) on the first Aztec drive, then proceeded to jump out to a 14-0 lead.

Then, I dunno.  Things started to unravel a little bit.  Coming out of the second quarter, the Aztecs were awarded a gimme of a touchdown due to the Huskies not paying attention on defense.  And, the Husky offense continued to move the ball, but couldn’t punch it in.

I kept expecting the Dawgs to pull away, and they very nearly did.  A worrisome fumble by Sankey prevented us from going up two scores.  Fortunately, what we all hope is a more opportunistic defense took care of that with a fumble returned for a TD.

I will grant that this defense did look better than it did for most of last year.  I don’t think the Aztecs are going to be breaking any records on offense, but I still liked what we were doing out there.  We got after the quarterback with MUCH more regularity than in seasons past.  Josh Shirley is going to be a fucking BEAST this year (thank you very much, UCLA).  Desmond Trufant had a solid game as he heads into his senior season.  And, watch out for Sean Parker; he was all over the field yesterday!  That having been said, we will need to be MUCH better against the run if we don’t want to be embarrassed next week (and in weeks to come).

On offense, it looks to be a two-man show.  The Huskies are making a concerted effort to showcase as much as possible Austin Seferian-Jenkins and Kasen Williams.  Do you blame them?  These two are far and away better than most athletes on the football field whenever they step out there.  It would be nice to have a dependable third option, especially when we go into LSU next week, because the last thing I want to depend on is this running game.

Analysts seem to love the depth of talent on the Huskies, but I’m telling you right now, this running game isn’t what it used to be.  It’s going to be a liability.  Don’t sleep on the impact of losing Chris Polk.  Seeing Callier get knocked out of the game with a knee injury like that is pretty much my worst nightmare, because I don’t think Sankey is a bigtime running back ready to handle the load in the Pac-12.

Keith Price looked good.  We’ll need to tighten up along the O-Line though.  He needs to stop getting hit in those knees; took a big shot yesterday, but finished the game fine.

I hate the kicking game.  These freshmen need to grow up fast.  The punter was all over the place.  And the field goal kicker shanked two long attempts to the left (one was nullified by penalty).  If the Huskies face a lot of close games this season, having an inexperienced kicker might be the difference between making a bowl or not.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you; we will lose at least one game this season because our kicker failed us.  Let’s just hope it’s not a game we need to get into the post-season.

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