I Don’t Care For It: Seahawks Cut Kellen Winslow

I know Kellen Winslow wasn’t going to be a huge part of our future; indeed, I was prepared for the very real possibility that he would only be a 1-season Seahawk.  I wasn’t prepared for this, though, as the Seahawks waived him and picked up someone named Evan Moore to be our third tight end.

If it’s a cost-cutting move, it’s stupid.  He was only making $3 million and change.  If it’s a move to bring in a better player in Moore, well, I don’t buy it.  I don’t care if Moore is younger; if he’s so good, why was he released by CLEVELAND of all places?  Kellen Winslow you KNOW is good, has great hands, can still get open down the field.  He would have been perfect for this offense.

And, let us not forget, this offense needs fucking weapons!  Winslow was a weapon.  He was guaranteed to be one of our best pass-catchers on this team.  Moore might be a weapon, but I’ve got my doubts.  Winslow was a sure thing, even if it was only for one season.  Would have been nice to have that kind of security blanket as we trot out a rookie quarterback.

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