Seattle Sports Hell Goes To LSU

I’m not going to find a bunch of links for you to not read, I’m just going to explain why I won’t be posting for a week.

My friends and I are going to the UW @ LSU game this Saturday.  I’m flying out of Seatac about this time tomorrow on a red eye, arriving in New Orleans around 9am or so on Wednesday.  As such, I’ll be out of commission.  But, fret not, I’ll drink many a hand grenade for you.  And I’ll report back on many of my happenings in the Big Easy.  You won’t get drunken New Orleans adventures on just any blog!  You lucky devils you!

While I’m gone, be nice to one another.  Do some drugs, drink some alcohol, eat some shitty food, and fuck constantly.

And Go Dawgs!

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