The Seahawks Just Got Beat By Kevin Kolb

I want that to sink in for everyone.  There’s a lot to talk about with this game, but the thing to take away is:  Kevin Kolb lost the starting job to someone named John Skelton.  John Skelton is a 5th round draft pick who is essentially a place-holder until the Cardinals can figure out how to bring in a worthy replacement.  John Skelton sucks and he sucks hard.  Not only is Kevin Kolb not good enough to supplant him as the starting quarterback for that team (in spite of the fact that he’s making quintuple the money and theoretically comes from a better system in having played under Andy Reid), but he also came into the game cold, in the middle of the fourth quarter, and single-handedly beat us on the one drive that mattered most.

I want you all to think about that as you’re falling all over yourselves apologizing for this team.  You’re reading the words of a VERY surly individual after this weekend of football I’ve witnessed; I’m not going to sit here and sugarcoat everything away.  This team, this defense, just got beat by KEVIN FUCKING KOLB!  End of statement!

Except, not really, because it’s fucking inexcusable.  This defense is better than that!  This defense needs to see that we’ve just knocked out the other team’s starting quarterback and we need to put our feet to their fucking throats!  That second half, up to that final drive, was the best I’ve probably ever seen this defense play.  We gave up a field goal early in the third quarter after the offense gave them a short field.  Then, we picked them off on what has to be the greatest catch I’ve seen a Seahawk make in quite some time (on offense or on defense), followed by three consecutive three & outs where they absolutely could do nothing on us and had to pretty much throw out their gameplan.

Then, we knock out Skelton and proceed to shit the bed.  Again, I can’t express how disappointed I am – and how disappointed ALL Seahawks fans should be – at the pisspoor showing on that drive.

Was there a questionable pass interference call that kept their drive alive?  Absolutely there was.  But, A – that’s not an excuse, and B – the way they were going, even if the refs got that call right, the Cardinals still probably would’ve scored the way we were playing.

On the other side of the ball, I thought our running game looked solid.  That’s a great Cardinals defense.  Having Lynch go for 85 yards on 21 carries is about as well as I could have hoped for.

I also thought Wilson showed a lot of guts.  He hung in there, he dealt with a lot of different types of pressure and for the most part I thought he looked okay.  Sidney Rice showed again why he is an elite wide receiver and why it’s so important to keep him healthy.  Doug Baldwin had a down game, but I wouldn’t expect that to be the norm.  Braylon Edwards had a ball go through his hands on 4th and goal at the end of the game.  Did I call this or did I call this?

Player of the game was obviously Leon Washington.  I’m happy to see he’s still got a knack for getting returns down the field.  That’s a guy I have no trouble rooting for whatsoever.

Next week, the Seahawks face a quarterback who is not Kevin Kolb.  I know people like to give Tony Romo a lot of shit, but I would remind you to look at a calendar.  Is this December?

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