Rationalizing My Pick Of The Seahawks Over The Cowboys

Honestly, I’m finding it very difficult to keep this pick of the Seahawks as the Cowboys come to town.

Just, look at last week, for instance.  Both teams were on the road, in hostile divisional waters.  Dallas had the unfavorable task of starting on a Wednesday, at night, in front of a nationally televised audience.  What’s worse, I even PICKED Dallas last week, believing that they’d go into the Super Bowl Champs’ house and come out the victors … and I was RIGHT!  I was the only one right among my friends, and believe you me, I lorded this fact over them the whole time I was in New Orleans.  How could I go against a team I believed in so strongly one week ago?

Seattle, meanwhile, caught Arizona – an 8-8 team from last year who couldn’t figure out which pile of crap quarterback it wanted to start until the week leading up to the game.  It was an afternoon shitfest, completely overshadowed in states not called “Washington” or “Arizona” by the Green Bay/San Francisco affair.  No pressure, in other words, except for being on the road, in perfect weather, against a team whose best player is a wide receiver and whose second best player is a punt returner.

Dallas won and Seattle lost.  I should elaborate:  Dallas won handily, with New York grabbing a TD late to pull it to within 7; and Seattle let Kevin Kolb come into the game ice cold after knocking out their starter and lead his team to a game-winning touchdown, then they proceeded to let every ball fall incomplete with 8 chances at a come-from-behind victory.

So, there’s that bit of knowledge going in.  Of course, if I based all my football-picking decisions on what happened the previous week … I’d be paid handsomely by ESPN or Sports Illustrated.  No, we’re going to have to look a little deeper (but not too deep, because Jesus Christ, it’s a fucking Friday after all!).

Right off the bat, you have to like Seattle’s defense.  I think we can hold their running game in check, and I think their bloated, overconfident receivers are little match for our aggressive, overconfident cornerbacks.  And, since this is a home game, I fully expect our defensive line to make Romo’s day a living fucking hell.  Advantage:  Seahawks, right?

Well, not so fast.  For the record, I like Dallas’ defense a lot too.  Maybe not in general, maybe not to the point where I’d pick it up for Fantasy Football purposes, but I like it in this case.  I like it against a shakey Seahawks offensive line with potential injury concerns, with Okung and a guy in Moffitt who hasn’t started a game since the middle of last season.  The Cowboys don’t have the greatest collection of stars, but they have Demarcus Ware, and he single-handedly trumps every single defensive player on the Seahawks, hands down.  He made Walter Jones’ last game a fucking Bataan Death March … I think he can handle Russell ‘False Start’ Okung or whoever is going to start behind him if he’s too injured to go.

I’m not nearly as crazy about the rest of the Dallas D, but Sean Lee looks like a real stud.  And their secondary might not be up to snuff when compared to the Seahawks, but then again, look at who they’d have to be guarding.  Sidney Rice has been battling knee issues and hasn’t practiced much (if at all) this week (surprise surprise).  Doug Baldwin is probably still battling whatever issues he had (plus, he’s down a couple teeth from that drop last week … gross).  Golden Tate is coming back, but missed week 1 with whatever injury he had.  And Charly Martin nearly lost a fucking lung in Arizona!  Who does that leave?  Braylon Edwards and a bunch of lumbering tight ends?  Fuck me!  Why am I picking the Seahawks again?

Well, first of all, it’s going to be fucking beautiful in Seattle this Sunday.  Mid-70s weather, nary a cloud in the sky.

I also think we can run on them.  Arizona is pretty stout up front and we still managed to average 3.5 yards per carry as a team (with Beastmode carrying the mail, and averaging 4.0 yards per carry).  Dallas gave up 4.3 yards per carry to the Giants last week and the Giants are TERRIBLE at running the ball (not to mention they were playing from behind the entire second half).  I say it wouldn’t be crazy to see the Seahawks average 5.0 yards per carry this weekend, with Beastmode returning to his fantasy glory.  I’m predicting no less than 140 yards and a touchdown.

While we won’t be able to keep Dallas’ offense down to nothing, I do think we can hold them in the teens.  I also think we’re going to demolish them in turnovers.  I’m expecting at least a +2 at minimum.  Interceptions, fumbles, sacks, and lots and lots of quarterback pressures.

And why is that?  Because we’ve got the 12th Man (fuck you Texas A&M).  Strange shit happens when you’ve got thousands upon thousands of the 12th Man in one place.  Does that mean more special teams magic?  Maybe a blocked field goal or a blocked punt?  Does that mean a curious officiating blunder going our way from these inept refs?  Does that mean Russell Wilson tearing himself away from Ware’s clutches, then sprinting down the sidelines for 40 yards, turning a would-be sack into a momentum-shifting first down?

I would expect just about anything could happen this Sunday.  Because these fans around here are starved for a winner.  They’re starved for some fresh meat.  They’re starved for Russell Wilson’s Coming Out Party.

It’s not a rational reason to pick the Seahawks, but it’s the best reason I can come up with.  Now, let’s get this game started before I change my mind …

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